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Dog complaints on the rise in Stratford

Wellesbourne Airfield
Wellesbourne Airfield

Lisa Parkes, dog warden for the council expressed her concern about this trend, saying: “Dog walking has become something of a problem recently. I’ve received calls with people reporting attacks on their precious pets; reports of dog muck; dogs running amok whilst oblivious owners use their mobile phones; and dogs nipping unsuspecting members of the public.”

Lisa is eager to promote a culture of dog-walking etiquette across Stratford district.

Dogs must be ‘under control’ in public at all times. There are no dog control orders within the district and it is wonderful to allow dogs to roam free through public parks and open spaces, but dogs need to be taught to remain close by and have an effective recall should they wander.

The council have issued the following advice to dog owners.

  • Cleaning up after your dog and scoop the poop. This is a basic responsibility for dog owners, to prevent recreational areas, school routes and prized lawns becoming health hazards.
  • Remain aware at all times Don’t assume that all dogs are going to get on. A pocket full of treats can often get you out of the most unfortunate pickle, or take along a toy as a form of distraction.

For further information about the district council dog warden services, please visit the website at www.stratford.gov.uk.

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