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Evesham fortune-teller Jemima Packington, 67, sees Euros England win in tossed asparagus

Anxious football fans can breathe easy ahead of the Euros match against Serbia tonight - England are going to win.

Well, that’s according to an Evesham fortune-teller armed with a bunch of asparagus.

Jemima Packington, 67, is known as the asparamancer - meaning she uses the green vegetable to make predictions about the future.

Evesham’s famous Asparagus Express
Evesham’s famous Asparagus Express

"I have had lots of people asking me how England might do at the Euros, so I have been analysing the spears very closely,” she told news outlets.

"And they keep pointing to three words in particular - It's Coming Home.”

Jemima discovered her veg-based psychic talents as a child - after she spilled a plate of asparagus and made a unusual but clear-sighted comment, and has worked on her soothsaying ever since. Previously she predicted the Queen’s death and Brexit.

"England fans have every right to be positive and optimistic if the spears are anything to go by,” she continued.

"I can also see Harry Kane being very strong. He is going to be worth watching and is going to come into his own this tournament.

"As for Scotland, no comment."

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