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Superfan Ruby loves musical The Boy in the Dress

Ruby with her autographed programme.
Ruby with her autographed programme.

The RSC’s Boy in the Dress made theatre fans of big and small around the area... The latest superfan to tell us about their love of the musical is Ruby Shuker, aged five, from Stratford, who saw the production an impressive three times.

Ruby with Lisa James actress Miriam Nyarko.
Ruby with Lisa James actress Miriam Nyarko.

She tells Herald arts: “My big brother Charlie and I love the book and were really excited to see it at the theatre. The show has really good songs and some really good dancing. When I watch it I feel so happy and love dancing and singing to all of the songs.”

Asked who her favourite character was, Ruby says: “My favourite character is Lisa James because she sings really good songs and is a good dancer. I couldn’t wait to meet her. I loved talking to her. She was so kind and told me that ‘I will be Lisa James when I’m bigger’!”

Indeed Ruby says that she would love to be a singer and dancer when she is older.

Speaking of her favourite song, it’s no surprise that Ruby says it’s the Lisa James songs – which she knows the words to, but Ruby adds: “I also really like the bit where Mr Hawtrey and Raj wear a dress and sing their song at the end because it really makes me laugh.”

Let’s hope for Ruby and all the superfans’ sakes that The Boy in the Dress may entertain us again some day.

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