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Comedian and Britain’s Got Talent winner Axel Blake is proving he’s worth his gold buzzer as he tours the UK with stand-up show In-Style

This weekend (25th – 27th August) Alex James’ Big Feastival brings some merry mirth to the Cotswolds as it launches its entertainment stage The Exchange. And who better to get things rolling than the Britain’s Got Talent winning comic Axel Blake, who headlines on Friday.

The comedian from Dunstable won over Britain and the judges with his cheeky tales of modern life landing him a spot at The Royal Variety Show. Since then, he’s been on the bill with legends such as Dave Chappelle and Eddie Griffin, sold out the Eventim Apollo, and debuted his current In-Style Tour (buy tickets at www.axelblake.com)

MOLLY SUTHERLAND chatted on the phone with the busy funny man about podcasts, future ambitions and about what Simon Cowell is like IRL…

How are you, Axel? Whereabouts are you calling from?

I’m in Leeds. I’m doing a podcast. Like Father Like Fun – it’s me and my son’s Nyron’s podcast.

Axel Blake
Axel Blake

How are you feeling about headlining Feastival’s new stage The Exchange on Friday?

I’m very excited. I’m going to be at the festival all weekend. I haven’t really looked into any of the acts yet but my whole family are coming – well I know my missus she might change her mind yet!

Her name is Louise, and she’s a bookkeeper, so the sensible one.

How does your act change when you have your family in the audience?

Quite a bit, to be fair, I take out all the rudeness. And Feastival is a family friendly show isn’t, so best behaviour.

Tell us about how you get your material.

I have my phone – my notes app is my main tool. It holds all my jokes. If my phone goes missing – oh mate, that’s a problem.

You went to The Comedy School, what did you learn?

It’s impacted me a lot. It’s completely changed the way I work. It’s helped me with the fundamentals of stand up and to structure myself and my act.

So, you’ve started your debut In-Style tour this year and are about to embark on the second leg this autumn – how has it been so far?

It’s been absolutely amazing. I’ve never had so many dates or performed for so long, so it’s been an eye opener. But I’ve never played in the Cotswolds before, so Feastival is really exciting.

What’s been your highlight?

I would say Birmingham and Manchester. The crowd were fantastic. I’d love to play the London O2 Arena one day.

Obviously, we’ve got to talk about Britain’s Got Talent what was that like to win?

Yeah, it was very surreal. It’s completely changed my life to be fair. I’ve been able to see so many people and through my comedy brightened up their day. It’s a beautiful thing.

A family member put my name down and I was kind of reluctant to but I ignored it and went for it. I’m so glad that I did.

Simon Cowell gave you the golden buzzer – is he a big softie in real life?

No, he’s a great guy but not a big softie – he’s exactly like he is on stage.

You’ve supported legends such as Dave Chappelle and Eddie Griffin – what other comedians do you admire?

Michael McIntyre – I’d love to be on the bill with him someday. Kevin Hart as well.

Did you get your funny bones from your family?

No, my parents aren’t that funny I’m unique in that aspect. I was making the jokes and what not. They were very serious. “Go to school and hit the books!”

I was much more relaxed. My mum was a seamstress and my dad was a computer analyst. I have a brother and he’s in construction. I kind of worked in construction before I went down the comedic path.

You do a podcast with son Nyron– do you think he will follow in your footsteps?

He says he will and he’s going to give it a try. I’m giving him all the tips of the trade, so we’ll see where that goes. He’s 14 so he’s got plenty of time to make up his mind. It’s lovely hearing his side of life on the podcast.

Final cheesy question – do you have a joke for us?

I had a joke about an elevator. But you wouldn’t get it. Too many levels to it. Ba-dum tish!

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