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Stratford Winter Darts League results


Stratford Winter Darts League

9x101 Singles

Division One and Two (at Avenue SC)

Preliminary Round

Kev Johnson 5-0 Matt Meddoms

Chloe Mckivett 0-5 Alan Morris

Dave Wasley 5-0 Grant Hildebrandt

First Round

D Wasley 5-3 Dave Mcguinness

K Johnson 5-2 A Morris

Matt Hildebrandt 3-5 Richard Coombes

Marc Charles 4-5 Noah Rose

Richard Bambridge 2-5 Jamie Vadasz

Darren Rogers 1-5 Denis Colby

Will Hill 3-5 Darren Smart

George Ross 5-4 Pete Hughes

Quarter-finals D Smart 2-5 D Colby

N Rose 1-5 K Johnson

D Wasley 3-5 R Coombes

J Vadasz 5-4 G Ross


R Coombes 5-3 D Colby

J Vadasz 4-5 K Johnson


K Johnson 5-4 R Coombes

Division Three and Four (at Bearley SC)

Preliminary Round

Dave Hemmings 1-5 Ray Edden

Ashley Hemmings 5-1 Dave Corbett

Ben Thornton 5-1 Ben Bain

Rob Lewis 5-1 Wren Unitt

Anthony Hibberd 5-2 Marion Bartlett

Den Wood 4-5 Bob Woodward

Jack Parker 5-1 Danielle Ransome

First Round

B Thornton 5-4 Melvin Pratt

Kyle Dixon 4-5 A Hemmings

Mark Harris 4-5 J Parker

B Woodward 5-3 R Lewis

A Hibberd 5-2 Shawn Smith

Anthony Austin 5-1 Macauley Parker

Nathan Mockler 4-5 R Edden

Tom Mankletow 5-1 Paul Nicholls


T Mankletow 5-4 J Parker

A Austin 5-1 B Thornton

B Woodward 1-5 A Hemmings

A Hibberd 2-5 R Edden


T Mankletow 4-5 R Edden

A Hemmings 5-1 A Austin


A Hemmings 4-5 R Edden

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