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Warwick Castle women lead local support as England’s Lionesses prepare to take on Australia’s Matildas this morning at 11am

Warwick Castle’s inspiring female leads have come together to fly the flag in support of England’s Lionesses.

Ahead of the Women’s World Cup semifinal today against Australia, the female figures have raised the England flag at Warwick Castle to show who they’ll be backing on the day.

Warwick Castle's inspirational women rally in support of England's Lionesses
Warwick Castle's inspirational women rally in support of England's Lionesses

Kick-off between Australia and England is at 11am UK time on Wednesday August 16 (8pm Sydney local time).The winner of the Australia-England match will play in Sunday’s final against Spain, who beat Sweden 2-1 in Auckland.

The Warwick Castle photo roll call included:

  • Queen Margaret of Anjou
  • Queen Consort Elizabeth of York
  • 3 female horses, 2 princesses,
  • a cook, a Trebuchet Master
  • 2 tudor trickriders
  • 2 squires
  • A full female cast of The Castle Dungeons characters

Throughout history, notable women have shaped Warwick Castle's legacy, including founder of the original settlement, Ethelfleda, Lady of the Mercians. Throughout the castle’s 1100 year long history, women have continued to be pioneers for change, including Daisy Greville, a socialite and socialist who supported poor law reform and workers rights, and ran to become an MP in 1923.

Liam Bartlett, General Manager, Warwick Castle says:“With all that we do, we not only aim to unleash history for all visitors by bringing historic stories to life, but also by inspiring the next generation, which is what the Lionesses are showcasing to the world each time they go out on the pitch.”

“We’re all rooting for the Lionesses on Wednesday and will be flying the flag to show support, we would be delighted to invite the team to come and experience what Warwick Castle has to offer for a fun day out after all the hard work and training our wonderful Women’s team have dedicated themselves too”.

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