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Stratford School student Lucas Blantford determined to reach Formula One

RACING in Formula One is the desire of every young fan of the sport – and Lucas Blantford is giving it his all to make his dream become a reality.

Looking forward to racing again, Lucas Blantford behind the wheel of his kart. Photo: Mark Williamson C11/2/21/2816
Looking forward to racing again, Lucas Blantford behind the wheel of his kart. Photo: Mark Williamson C11/2/21/2816

There’s no doubting that reaching the pinnacle of motorsport is a very hard task that requires a lot of effort and money, but the Stratford School student is not letting that deter him from forging a career in motorsport.

Blantford has always followed the sport and says he’s determined to reach the top.

“I got a Ferrari battery car when I was two and my mum and dad couldn’t get me out of it,” he told the Herald.

“My dad was also racing cars at the time in Scotland so I used to love going and watching him too.

“To reach F1 I’ll need to work hard, concentrate and get as much practice in as I can. I know I’ll need to make some sacrifices, but I’m determined.

“I understand it’s hard to reach F1, but I am willing to put in 100 per cent and work as hard as I can to have a career in racing.”

Asked who was his F1 idol, Blantford said: “Charles Leclerc, because I feel he is a clean driver and sportsman-like. He’s not all about himself, which some of them are. It’s about the sport for him, which is like me. I look up to him because of that.”

Understanding the difficulty of reaching F1, Blantford said there were other motorsport series he would be more than happy to compete in if his dream to reach the top did not come to fruition.

“I love any type of motorsport. So as long as I’m racing I’ll be happy. Another area would be the British Touring Car Championship. I really enjoy watching that and follow it with my dad,” he added.

Readers of the Herald’s sports section will know that Blantford was a regular contributor in 2019-20, with columns on his karting endeavours.

Although Covid-19 has put a stop to things right now, Blantford is going to be racing in the British Kart Championships this year, a series which will take him to circuits all around the country.

He will also be taking part in the Trent Valley Cup, as well as some races in the Whilton Mill Championship.

While the main aim for Blantford is to have a racing career, when asked what he would do instead if that didn’t come to fruition, he said: “If I couldn’t go into racing I would like to be an engineer where I could still be involved in the car/racing industry.

“Whether that’s in the design stage or mechanically, I don’t mind, but hopefully my dreams will come true.”

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