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VIDEO: Nadhim Zahawi pays tribute Jo Cox MP

Jo Cox
Jo Cox

STRATFORD-ON-AVON MP Nadhim Zahawi describes in a heartfelt tribute how MP Jo Cox will be “deeply missed” by all her parliamentary colleagues. In a video interview with the Stratford Herald he says how the work of Jo Cox with child refugees and international development was considerable over the 13 months she was an elected MP.

“We must carry on with her work and our work and show democracy is strong and robust. Our prayers and thoughts are with her family,” Mr Zahawi said.

Today, Monday, parliament was recalled and Prime Minister David Cameron with other MPs paid tearful tributes in the House of Commons.

Mr Zahawi added, "I know that everyone who gathered in the House today holds the great honour of their presence in that place so very dear. But there are times when we gather, on much less sad occasions, that we test each other’s patience in debates where there is little hope of changing minds, times when we are all guilty of doing little more than repeating what has already been said.

Today, we have come together in circumstances so solemn that none of us could possibly have foreseen them, which no one would have dreamt of just a few days ago. And I am indeed left with little more to do than to repeat what colleagues and friends in all parties have said before me. But the reason for this repetition is truth, agreement and unity, and the only thing being tested is our emotional strength.

Jo Cox embodied the ideals that we all wish to aim for, ideals which we sometimes miss, but that should always be on our mind, to do the right thing - for our constituents, for our country and for the world. I can think of no better role model than Jo for how best to do our work, with honour and determination, with passion and skill - and with a smile.

It is this smile, even on such a difficult day that is so important to remember.

Members of Parliament are not alone in this great country of ours, in wanting to make a difference, but each one of us has been blessed with the opportunity to try and do it, on behalf of the people who put us here. We should reflect today, more than any other day, about what a fantastic opportunity we have, to do what we can to make the world a better place. For Jo’s young family, and for every family in the country.

We should be thankful for the chance we have in Parliament to try and make a difference. We should respect each other and recognise good intentions. And most importantly, like Jo, we should smile."

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