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Strong results for the Conservatives in county council elections

Stratford District has returned results for all of its county council wards, with the Conservatives winning all but two.

Some of the winning Conservative candidates (46933660)
Some of the winning Conservative candidates (46933660)

Overall turnout in the county elections is 42.15 per cent, with 44,896 votes cast in total.

The loss of Stratford North to the Tories will come as a blow to the Liberal Democrats, but there was some good news for the party as Kate Rolfe and Jennifer Fradgley had convincing wins in Stratford South and Stratford West.

Jenny Fradgley and Kate Rolfe (46941460)
Jenny Fradgley and Kate Rolfe (46941460)

Giving her view on the results, Conservative Jo Barker, re-elected for Shipston, said: “It’s been brilliant so far, most of our candidates have got 50 per cent of the vote or more, you can’t ask for much more than that. I’m very pleased with the national picture, particularly the result in Hartlepool.”

Make sure you pick up Thursday's Herald for a full report on the election results and what they mean for Stratford and Warwickshire.

Izzi Seccombe (46941283)
Izzi Seccombe (46941283)

We're still awaiting all the results from across the wider county, but here are those for the wards in Stratford District.


Jo Barker (Cons) 1,765

John Dinney (Lib Dem) 540

Kathrin Foster (Lab) 175

Dave Passingham (Green) 1,104


David Booth (Lib Dems) 243

Andy Crump (Cons) 2,633

Zoe James (Green) 202

Bernadette Jenkins (Lab) 435


Tom Genders (Green) 230

Cat Price (Lab) 415

Manuela Perteghella (Lib Dem) 1,335

Daren Pemberton (Cons) 2,016


Richard Fowler (Green) 441

Christopher Kettle (Cons) 2,016

David Robinson (Lab) 376

Nick Solman (Lib Dem) 775


Susan Juned (Lib Dems) 1,356

Piers Daniell (Cons) 1,642

Sarah Eglin (Green) 173

Jack Fildew (Lab) 369

Kineton and Red Horse

Jan Sewell (Lab) 365

Chris Mills (Cons) 2,180

Elizabeth Greetham (Lib Dem) 360

Rob Ballantyne (Green) 368


Karyl Rees (Lid Dem) 250

Bryn Turner (Lab) 350

John Horner (Cons) 2,588

Penny Stott (Green) 311


Timothy Griffiths (Social Democratic Party) 40

David Johnston (Lib Dems) 967

Helen Mitchell (Green) 278

Bob Williams (Lab) 318

Penny-Anne O'Donnell (Cons) 1,996


Andrew Foster (Lab) 191

Val Gaize (Green) 133

Justin Kerridge (Cons) 1,367

Clive Richards (Lib Dem) 1,146

Stratford West

Wayne Bates (Lab) 205

Jennifer Fradgley (Lib Dem) 1,607

Peter Pettifor (Green) 190

Peter Richards (Cons) 841

Stratford South

Marlyn Bates (Cons) 1,165

James Crocker (Reform UK) 121

Steve Michaux (Green) 203

Alexander Monk (Lab) 218

Kate Rolfe (Lib Dems) 2,330

Stour and Vale

Izzi Seccombe (Cons) 1,687

David Cowcher (Lib Dems) 1,181

Alistair Nealon (Lab) 153

Elliot Wassell (Green) 189

Stratford North

Cohl Warren-Howles (Lib Dem) 1,168

Tim Sinclair (Cons) 1,283

John Stott (Green) 276

Sam Scott (Lab) 345

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