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Taxi drivers feeling the pinch of fuel prices

TAXI drivers have added their voices to the Herald’s fight for a fairer price for fuel at Stratford’s petrol stations.

They join a growing number of motorists who are unhappy with fuel costs, which sees them forking out as much as £80 to fill up, being higher in the town than at nearby filling stations.

Stratford drivers face having to pay up to 14p more for a litre of petrol than other drivers outside the town centre.

Greg Rojewski, a taxi driver from Stratford, said: “Prices have gone up by 30 per cent in the last six months and it’s ridiculous.

“I was paying 120p per litre but now it’s regularly 150p and my weekly fill-up costs £70. I’m surviving but with not much money and I still have bills to pay and live. Stratford is an expensive town. House prices, the shops and fuel are all expensive. I use Tesco for my fuel because it’s 5 pence cheaper per litre than Shell.”

According to the RAC’s weekly Fuel Watch update, the average UK price for unleaded petrol is 146.27p per litre and diesel at 149.58p.

However, that isn’t the picture in Stratford where drivers have been paying 149.9p (unleaded) and 152.9 (diesel) at both Shell stations in town.

Stratford cabbie Rick Riad said: “It costs me £80 to £90 per week for a full tank of petrol. Prices are slightly lower in Banbury, Birmingham and Redditch so I try and shop there when I can. It would be nice to bring the price down but you can’t do anything to be honest. I know it’s pessimistic but this affects everybody not just taxi drivers.”

Kevin Jones can often be seen on Stratford taxi rank in front of the Nat West bank. He said there have been some massive price hikes during the past two years of Covid.

“My fuel bill has nearly doubled during that time. When Covid started I was paying £35 a week that’s now jumped to £50 or £70 a week. There’s nothing we can do about it and it’s the petrol shareholders who benefit. Unfortunately, it’s a nationwide issue,” Kevin said.

As reported in the Herald previously, shopping around for the best petrol deals does pay dividends.

The RAC advises motorists to drive efficiently as this is the best way to save money on fuel. Get to know the filling stations close to where you live and work, assuming there is competition between retailers, which seem to be competitive on price. Even taking a small detour to visit a cheap forecourt can save you a few pence per litre.

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