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Swan dies after dog attack on Stratford Rec

Another distressing dog attack on a swan took place in Stratford last week, prompting renewed calls for owners to keep their pets under control on the riverside.

Swans (52059836)
Swans (52059836)

Sadly the injuries inflicted upon then swan were so serious that the bird had to be put to sleep.

It is not the first time such an attack has taken place, other incidents have taken place this year.

Cyril Bennis from Stratford Swan Rescue, said: “This happened on Friday 1st October at the Recreation Ground as the owner just stood by. The dog grabbed the swan, hauled it around and than mauled it. The maintenance staff at the Rec did their best to intervene, trying to scare the dog away with their big machinery but unfortunately by the time I got there, I could already see that the injuries were too severe. Sadly the bird had to be put to sleep.

“The fact is the dog behaved like a dog, it is not the dog’s fault, the fault lies with owners who can’t keep their animals under control. This won’t be the last time something like this happens.”

While the issue of dogs attacking swans is an ongoing problem in Stratford, the pandemic has brought another concern, with discarded face masks causing problems on the river.

Cyril added: “In terms of the masks, they are just an additional concern we now have to deal with. We live in a throwaway society and these face coverings get discarded and find their way into the river where swans get caught up in them.”

Residents are reminded asked to discard their masks in a responsible way.

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