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Stratford MP Nadhim supports Boris line on Cummings

Stratford MP Nadhim Zahawi supports Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings
Stratford MP Nadhim Zahawi supports Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings

As pressure continued to mount on the Conservative Party to oust Dominic Cummings for flouting lockdown rules, Stratford MP Nadhim Zahawi added his support to Boris Johnson's defence of his political advisor.

In a Twitter post yesterday, Mr Zahawi declared: “I am not a friend of DC. Big difference in the story today about Dominic Cummings. The man got infected with Covid19, he was isolating. Attacks are coming from those who want to derail @BorisJohnson important manifesto or those who are not in the centre of the action & blame DC.”

There were over a thousand replies to the tweet, the vast majority of them were angry at what is being seen as the contradictory and hypocritical stance of the government.

Dr David Nicholl, a neurologist and Liberal Democrat spokesperson on Health in the West Midlands, responded: “Feel free to come to ‘the centre of the action’ and explain to people why it is very difficult to see their next of kin.”

Solicitor Jonathan Chamberlain replied: “I am one of your constituents. As a solicitor, if I had done this I would be facing professional sanction from the Solicitors’ Regulatory Authority. I could lose both job and career. It doesn’t matter where ‘attacks’ are coming from. He must resign or be sacked.”

LibDem Stratford councillor Richard Vos asked Mr Zahawi: “Are you saying anyone (infected with #COVIDー19) with a family could/should travel the length of the country rather than #StayHomeSaveLives #confused.”

Meanwhile Stratford-based film-maker Chris McGill simply said: “I am utterly ashamed to live in Stratford whilst you represent the town.”

In response to the negative feedback, Mr Nadhim tweeted on Sunday night: “Twitter tonight is certainly not overflowing with the milk of human kindness.”

His post again prompted a deluge of criticism.

Stratford resident Ingrid Stevens asked: “Is it about human kindness to a party line, or about human kindness to a country's population and their welfare you lot were elected to protect?”

While Vernon Briscoe responded: “Why do you think there is this outpouring of anger, Nadhim? I don't think the British public are unreasonable. We have adhered to #lockdown very solicitously. But you back an unelected bureaucrat who breaks the rules he himself has helped to set and our blood boils.”

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