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Prominent Tory joins Labour to keep Corbyn out

Wellesbourne Airfield
Wellesbourne Airfield

But this week Mr David told the Herald he’d joined Labour for exactly the opposite reason – to save it rather than destroy it.

“I’m very concerned about politics generally in the country at the moment, particularly after the general election,” he said. “I don’t want one party running the country with no real alternative and no real opposition.”

Mr David, who’s also stood as a Conservative candidate in local elections in Stratford, said his application to join Labour had been accepted. He would not say how he had voted, but said his favoured candidate was Yvette Cooper. He believed Andy Burnham was too left-wing, Liz Kendall insufficiently experienced and Jeremy Corbyn a loony lefty.

“The only one with balls is Yvette Cooper,” he said.

Mr David said he had been “a floating voter” for most of his life. “I’m not saying that in five years’ time I won’t change my views,” he said. “But we can’t have one-party government. It is not acceptable and we need a strong alternative.

“We won’t have a strong alternative if Jeremy Corbyn gets in and that’s why I joined – to overcome what could be a complete disaster for the country. If Jeremy Corbyn wins this election it would put the Labour Party in the wilderness for the next two general elections.”

Jacqueline Abbott, chair of Stratford Labour Party, said that Mr David – whose Tory membership lapsed about two months ago – was perhaps “as tired as the rest of us of how the Conservatives in Stratford keep failing”.

Yesterday (Wednesday) James Holloway, Stratford’s Conservative Party agent, told the Herald the local Tory association was “disappointed” by Mr David’s move and believed it was misguided.

“We all hope that once the present leadership election is over Mr David will reconsider where is political convictions and talents are best served,” said Mr Holloway.

The result of Labour’s leadership contest will be announced on Saturday (12th September).

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