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Polls open for historic EU Referendum

THE talking is over and voting has now begun to decide whether Britain stays in or leaves the European Union.

After weeks of heated debate and at times acrimonious exchanges, polling booths all over the country opened their doors at 7am for one of the most critical referendums in British political history.

Several crucial issues have been discussed intensely by both leave and remain campaigners including, immigration, the economy, the NHS and national security, at times the lead held by one side over the other could best be described as marginal, but today the nation decides.

In south Warwickshire a comprehensive operation is in place to make sure polling runs smoothly. Across several towns and villages polling booths are now open and the big count will be controlled at Stratford Leisure Centre by Stratford District Council tonight, Thursday.

Here in Stratford and surrounding area the following handy facts will help the Referendum take place:

  • How many ballot boxes there are? 138
  • How many counters? 80 counting assistants and 10 count supervisors
  • Expected start and finish times? Polls open at 7am until 10pm – counting will being as soon as the first ballot box is brought back to Stratford leisure Centre after the polling station closes at 10pm – so counting will begin around 10.15/10.20pm. Result, depending on turnout, is expected around 2.30am/3am
  • How many people in the district are eligible to vote and how many have registered to vote - there are approximately 101,700 people in the district who are 18 years of age and over, 100,689 of which are registered to vote (this equates to 99 per cent).
  • Regular updates on the EU Referendum will appear on the Herald website throughout the day.

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