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Police officer on McDonald's break nabs daft burger in 'modded' car

PC Steventon's muddy car, and the 'modded' car being seized
PC Steventon's muddy car, and the 'modded' car being seized

Warwickshire Rural Crime team should be applauded for the refreshing way it writes up its battles against local wrong-doers.

PC Andy Steventon seemed to particularly relish sharing news of an incident with some rather daft law-breakers on Wednesday night.

He began his story: “I couldn't have made this one up!!” Before he continued: “During an evening of proactive patrolling around Alcester and Bidford's more rural locations (hence the state of the truck, see photo) I dared to pop in to Stratford to pick up a cheeky McDonald’s to keep me going.”

Wanting to find a quiet place to eat his food, PC Steventon pulled up in Morrisons car park. While there he said that “for no apparent reason” two ‘modded’ cars – vehicles that have been customised – kept “blipping the throttle on their 1.2ltr big blocks fitted with Bean Can exhausts.” What the police officer means by this is that they were tapping their accelerator while changing down gears (which makes a brief revving sound) in the their small cars refitted with big engines and that their modified exhausts were making a racket.

Unlike the exhausts, PC Steventon was not to be rattled, he continued: “It was clear they were only doing this to get some sort of a response and probably a TikTok video so I didn't really feel like playing along.”

It was at this point that PC Steventon speculates that the drivers hadn't probably realised that every Warwickshire Police officer is issued with a laptop that is used to access the Police National Computer and other police systems.

In this case the officer found that it showed that one of the vehicles in their group didn't have a current MOT, and that the vehicle had failed on several defects previously.

PC Steventon picked up the story: “After finishing my much needed refreshments I left the car park and waited a whole three minutes for the sound of terrible exhausts fitted to 90bhp cars to come my way.

“Once behind the vehicle I hit the big blue button and brought it to a stop. I was fully intending on checking for faults on the vehicle and offering words of advice about the group’s conduct. However things changed slightly when the driver admitted to NOT having a driving licence or insurance.”

The driver was reported for the offences and his vehicle seized. Furthermore the driver decided he wasn't going to claim the car back and signed it over at the roadside.

Wisely PC Steventon said there was a moral to his story: "Make sure you've got a licence before allowing your mates to get the attention of the cop who's just trying to take five minutes to get some food."

As a final note the officer shared what he had enjoyed during his break: “Triple cheese burger, Dairy Milk McFlurry, cappuccino and a vehicle seizure.”

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