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Family Matters columnist, Georgina Fuller, bemoans the so-called ‘Disney adults’ that have taken over children’s spaces

I CAN’T say I was surprised to hear that the so-called ‘Disney adults’ are one of the most loathed groups in society, according to a recent article in Rolling Stone magazine. The piece pointed to a Reddit post written by a bride who opted to pay for Mickey and Minnie to appear at her wedding rather than feed her guests and included a listicle, published in Bustle in 2014, of nine things never to say to a ‘Disney adult’ including “Adults who like Disney are weird.”

As the parent of three young kids, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been shoved out the way or tutted at by ‘kidults’ (adults who act like kids) at theme parks, cinemas and in restaurants with salad bars which include crunchy, processed bacon bits - in other words, places which no self-respecting adult should be seen in.

At our middle child’s 10th birthday at Legoland last year, the only ride he really wanted to go on was the Pirate ship but we kept being jostled out of the way by a group of three twenty-something ‘lads’ trying to queue jump. I’m no killjoy but they should have known better, shouldn’t they? I told them to wait their turn and this was met with the sort of eye roll I usually get from my 14-year-old when I tell him to finish his peas.

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