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Jealous Stratford man jailed for attack

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Leonard Agafitei
Leonard Agafitei

A MAN who launched a jealousy-fuelled premeditated ambush on one of his wife’s work colleagues who had had an affair with her, breaking his jaw, has been jailed.

Leonard Agafitei had pleaded not guilty at Warwick Crown Court to inflicting grievous bodily harm on his victim with intent to cause him serious injury.

But he later pleaded guilty to an alternative offence of maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm, which was accepted by the prosecution.

Agafitei (39) of Alcester Road, Stratford, was jailed for two years and three months after the judge rejected an argument that the sentence could be suspended.

Prosecutor Omar Majid said the victim worked at a care home in Coventry, where Agafitei’s wife also worked, and at 9.15pm on 4th November last year he went outside to take the bins out.

But as he turned to go back inside, he was approached by Agafitei.

“He then felt contact with his chin and blacked out. He woke in the foetal position and felt a kick and blacked out again. He was located by two colleagues who found him in a pool of his blood.”

Mr Majid said the motive for the attack was an affair Agafitei’s wife had had with the victim, which had in fact ended several months earlier, and which Agafitei had been aware of since July.

Agafitei had visited the care home at 4.30 that day to drop something off to his wife and had then left, but returned that evening and carried out the assault.

As a result of the attack, the victim had ‘significant facial injuries,’ including a broken jaw which had to be repaired by a metal plate being inserted under surgery, a displaced orbital floor fracture, a cut lip and a heavily-bruised eye.

When the police later turned up at Agafitei’s home to arrest him, they found bloodied clothing in the washing machine, which had been turned on.

When he was questioned, Agafitei, who had no previous convictions, gave mostly ‘no comment’ replies, but said although he had been to the care home during the afternoon, he had then left and had not returned.

Judge Barry Berlin observed: “This was a premeditated ambush. He was lying in wait, and he attacked him.”

Seamran Sidhu, defending, said: “There is a background to the case. It doesn’t excuse the behaviour, but it gives an explanation.

“He found out about the affair in June time. They went on holiday to Romania, and on returning in August she said she had had intercourse with the complainant again.

“When he saw the complainant in November, he lost his temper. He had gone to pick up his wife from work, and saw the complainant. It’s when he saw him that the anger came out.”

Miss Sidhu said it had been ‘a one-off offence in unique circumstances,’ and submitted that Agafitei, who was reconciled with his wife, could be given a suspended sentence.

But Judge Barry Berlin commented: “The affair finished in July or August, and this happened in November.

“My reading of this is that he was lying in wait. He knew where he was and attacked him, and the reason was that he was seeking revenge.

“I recognise the instinct of jealousy, but it’s one thing to have jealousy, it’s quite another to instigate a premeditated act. The bottom line is, it’s too serious to suspend."

Jailing Agafitei, Judge Berlin told him: “Your wife had been in a relationship with [the victim] which had ended in July 2019. In my judgement, you set out at some point to seek revenge and to hurt him.

“He worked as a care assistant at the care home, and on the 4th of November you went outside the bin store and you ambushed him there in what was a revenge attack.

“You viciously attacked him in a sustained attack, breaking his jaw, kicking him when he was unconscious on the ground. I have seen his face, it is covered in blood.

“This happened at his place of work, and it was a premeditated ambush.”

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