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Happy Back to the Future day!

Wellesbourne Airfield
Wellesbourne Airfield

But there are still DeLoreans, albeit non-time travelling DeLoreans that stay firmly on solid ground.

Of the 7,000 gull-wing door cars made between 1981 and 1983, and sold only in America, it is thought just 100 are in the UK – one of which belongs to Carl, the boss of Alcester-based Arden Construction.

And, oblivious to the significance of yesterday, he arrived at work without it before quickly being driven back home by his colleagues to return in his DeLorean DMC-12.

It caused quite a stir parked on Springfield Business Park with people who were aware of it being the unofficial Back to the Future day.

Carl bought his 1981 DMC-12 for £22,000 car for his son Alex, who is a fan of the film, four years ago. Although due to 21-year-old Alex being uninsurable on the car until he is 25, Carl is enjoying his time as its custodian.

“I genuinely didn’t know the significance of the day. When I got to work the guys here asked why I hadn’t come in the DeLorean. It was raining, and I don’t drive it in the rain!

“But they sent me back home for it, and it is proving to be quite an attraction.

“It’s great to drive, although a bit thirsty [it does around 15 miles to the gallon] and I’d quite happily get in it and drive it to the south of France, but generally we use it for a bit of fun.

“We do get mobbed a bit when we’re out in it, which is a downside, but I don’t treat it as a museum piece and I understand it makes a big impression on people and that’s fine.

“People know a lot about the film, but not much about the DeLorean itself so there’s always lots a questions.

“If there was ever a day to drive I suppose Back to the Future day was it!”

Carl’s road version of the iconic car does not have Doc Brown’s flux capacitor. But if it did, where would he go?

“I’d definitely go back. I think it would have to be to Birmingham in its hey-day or to spend a day during the Second World War.

“People have forgotten what it was really like and the sacrifices people made back then and it would a real experience to be there even just for a day.”

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