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Groups launch 20mph plan for Shipston

Environmental activists and road safety campaigners are joining forces to bring down speeds in Shipston.

Do you think speeds schould be dropped in Shipston? (52208201)
Do you think speeds schould be dropped in Shipston? (52208201)

Both the Stour Valley Environment and Climate Action Group and Shipston Community Speedwatch are currently canvassing residents on the idea of introducing a 20mph speed limit on many roads in the town centre.

Town councillor John Dinnie, who supports both groups, said: “Some would argue that during busier times you can’t get to more than 20mph in the town centre anyway, but in the mornings and evenings people are tempted to go much faster when it’s quieter.

“We’re still in the process of looking at which roads may be suitable for a 20mph zone and that’s why we’d like to hear the views of residents, we need that local support.

“If we want to encourage more active travel, walking and cycling than we need to reduce speeds and there is evidence that reducing speed limits to 20mph can actually improve traffic flow.

“We were out in town canvassing residents at the weekend and there were quite a number of residents who expressed their support for the idea.”

Shipston Community Speedwatch point to other nearby towns such as Alcester, Stratford and Moreton-in-Marsh that have gained 20mph zones.

They stress that there is evidence reducing speeds to 20mph reduces accidents, improves physical and mental health and wellbeing and improves the quality of life for residents.

There are also benefits from an environmental point of view and they single out the speed and weight of traffic on the A3400 as being particularly concerning for pedestrians, cyclists and residents.

If you would like to discuss the idea of a new 20mph zone for Shipston or to sign a petition supporting the proposal email dinniejohn@gmail.com.

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