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'Frustration' with councils makes Stratford Town chairman Jed McCrory stand in local elections

STRATFORD Town chairman Jed McCrory will be hoping for a convincing win for the blues after announcing his intention to stand in the local elections in May.

Jed, 52, said he will be contesting the Studley South ward as a Conservative with the aim of being elected to Stratford District Council.

Stratford Town chairman Jed McCrory.
Stratford Town chairman Jed McCrory.

He readily admits to being a bit of “Marmite character” but said he’s someone who gets things done and has put himself into the political arena after becoming frustrated with what he sees as a lack of action, from both the district and county councils, to tackle problems, provide facilities and give straight answers.

“The deciding factor for me to put myself forward and support my local community was that, like many other people, I became frustrated with the local politicians who constantly blame anyone and everyone, as well as deflecting the issues that need dealing with,” he said. “So rather than resolving the issues, which after all is what they are voted in to do, they waste time protesting about national issues that they can’t do anything about.”

Another influence was the murder of Stratford Town player, Cody Fisher, in Birmingham on Boxing Day.

“I decided to run in Studley South for various reasons. Firstly, I live locally, with my son going to a local school. In addition, I’m sure everyone recalls the tragic death of Cody Fisher who played football for me at Stratford Town. He lived in Studley with his mother, Tracey, who owned a local hairdressing business. I felt it was only right that I stood in Studley as I want to attack knife crime and anti-social behaviour.”

His frustration with decision-makers has boiled over from sport – Jed said he wants better facilities, especially for hockey and netball clubs – into other areas such as things for children young people to do. This, he says, means they are sometimes knocking about the streets and their presence can be frightening for older people.

“When you keep going back to local councillors, whether it’s district or county, it’s always been frustrating that they can’t help more,” he said.

“I’ve shown people in the community that I actually do care, not just with sport but with other things as well. We [at Stratford Town] run the Dementia Café, we host Escape Arts, we feed the veterans, we’ve done pre-loved toys, driving round the district giving toys out, bingo is packed on a Sunday and we’ve a packed quiz night.

“All of sudden this little club has become quite a hub for the community.”

The former Swindon Town chairman has run numerous businesses and been involved in been involved with Premier League rugby. Will the district council move too slowly for him?

“I don’t know as I’ve not done it. But I’m a man who gets things done and I look at it and I can’t understand why they can’t get things done. I don’t understand why I don’t get the best, straight answers. I’ not saying anyone is lying to me, but I feel like there’s no plan. I can’t get someone to tell me what direction we’re going in.”

He added: “I’m not frightened to break a few eggs to make an omelette.”

n Boundary changes mean Studley will be divided into North and South for the May elections. Currently the area’s two wards are held by Lib Dem councillors, Peter Hencher-Serafin and Neil Edden.

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