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Fees proposed for parking in Henley


OVER 100 people attended the annual meeting held by the Henley Parish Council this week with a focus on the proposed fees for parking in the town.

The Henley Parish Council is working toward acquiring the 60-space Croft Car Park currently owned by the Taylor Wimpey builders company.

Councillor Peter Cornford gave a presentation on the Croft Car Park issue at the meeting held on Monday 9 April at the Henley Memorial Hall.

Cllr Cornford said: “Overall it was favourably received. The main bottom line is if we don’t take over the Croft Car Park it could well go to a third party and control is lost by the town.”

The proposed price scheme for the Croft Car Park included a £1 fee for two hours. The fee then can be redeemed at participating shops on the high street if people spend £10. The £10 fee amount is still subject to change as the parish council continues to discuss it.

Cllr Cornford added: “There will be a figure needed to spend to get the money back.”

The proposed takeover of the car park is part of an effort to reshape how the cark park is used by motorists. Parking is currently free at the Croft Car Park.

Cllr Cornford said: “That car park was always supposed to be a shopper’s car park. People park there all day who are not shopping and shoppers tend to park on the high street, which is then dangerous.

“It’s meant to encourage people to come to Henley shop easily, and help the shops prosper.”

Henley Parish Council Chairman Bill Leech said the council is expected to formally vote on the takeover of the car park at next month’s council meeting. The transfer of the property would likely go through in the summer with it being ready for usage under the new parking scheme by the autumn.

The Croft Car Park takeover is part of a town-wide overhaul of its cark parks. The Henley Parish Council has also agreed in principle to a 99-year lease to take over the Prince Harry Road Car Park by the medical centre from Stratford District Council.

The parking changes will also include a reduction in cost at a third car park in north Henley with around 55 spaces from £4 a day to £1.

All three car parks will be run together in a unified management plan by Local Parking Security Ltd. (LPS), which is based in Warwick.

Cllr Leech added: “What we want to do is try and turn it back into a shopper’s car park.”

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