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Mystery surrounds tyre-spiking of taxis in Stratford

ANGRY taxi drivers in Stratford fear tyre spiking devices which have mysteriously appeared in the town could cause a serious injury or accident.

The number of reported incidents is around four to five and have occurred since April. Cabbies have contacted police and handed some items over to licensing officers at Stratford District Council but of greater concern to drivers – apart from replacing tyres and the disruption to their livelihood – is the risk to life if a burst tyre leads to a blow-out on a motorway or a fast and busy road.

The latest tyre spiking device found on a taxi rank in Stratford.
The latest tyre spiking device found on a taxi rank in Stratford.

A taxi company owner in Stratford, who did not wish to be identified, told the Herald: “These spike devices cause a slow puncture. If a taxi driver was travelling to Birmingham International Airport with a fare and the tyre bursts there’s a serious risk of the cab crashing into other vehicles. Taxi drivers will do checks before they set off and these include checking tyres including but these devises are distinctly sharp nails embedded in plastic tape or a mould and dropped at taxi ranks in the town and outside the railway station. What I don’t understand is why CCTV hasn’t recorded those people doing it,” the cab owner said.

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