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ELECTION LIVE BLOG: Nadhim Zahawi elected as MP for Stratford

The Herald team are live at Stratford's election count at Stratford Leisure Centre tonight, bringing you all the reaction to local and national developments as results come in.

Conservative candidate at the Stratford-on-Avon count this morning
Conservative candidate at the Stratford-on-Avon count this morning

That's it from us tonight, read next week's Herald for a full election report.

RESULT: Nadhim Zahawi (Conservative) is elected as MP for Stratford-upon-Avon.

2.15am: RESULTS: Felix Ling (Labour) 6,222, David Passingham (Green) 2,112, Dominic Skinner (Lib Dem) 13,371, Nadhim Zahawi (Cons) 33,343. There were 273 rejected ballots.

01.39am: Counting appears very almost over here, we're expecting a result very soon.

00.44am: Turnout in Stratford announced as 74.72 per cent, with 55,321 votes being cast out of an electorate of 74,037.

00.40am: Green Party candidate David Passingham said: "If the result goes the way of the exit poll, it will be a very disappointing night for us because the Conservatives have a very bad record on climate change. From our perspective we're going to keep getting results like this until we introduce a proportional representation system. I think on a local level this campaign has been conducted in a good spirit."

11.59pm: Labour candidate Felix Ling said: "Obviously it's early days, we'll have to see how it pans out, I'm not convinced of some of the predictions especially in the south, but I am disappointed that this exit poll has not shown the kind of progress we wanted. I think Labour have fought a very positive campaign, I think the Conservatives have fought a bit of a nasty campaign at times."

11.30pm: It was thumbs up from Liberal Democrat candidate Dominic Skinner as he arrived at the Stratford-on-Avon count

11.25pm: Stratford Liberal Democrat candidate Dominic Skinner, said: "If that's what the exit poll says that's what it says, I thought it would be a lot closer, we had been hearing about a Labour surge in the last few hours. It seems that Brexit has been the big issue at this election, which is disappointing because there are a lot of other things we need to think about. It's still early days, this doesn't really reflect the feeling I have been getting from speaking to local residents on the doorstep."

11.10pm Labour candidate Felix Ling watching the count

11.05pm: All the ballots are now in

10.40pm: Sorting of ballet papers at Stratford Leisure Centre

10.33pm: Alex Hall, agent for the South Warwickshire Conservatives, said: "I'm not celebrating a damn thing yet, if the result's even half as good as that I would be delighted, but lets wait until the fat lady sings."

10.20pm: Cllr Susan Juned, leader of the opposition Lib Dem group at Stratford District Council, said: "I'm a bit surprised by the exit poll, the group Stratford4Europe believe there has been quite a shift towards remain locally. I think the Tories' slogan 'Get Brexit Done' hides a lot of other issues, we will have to wait and see as the results come in."

10.10pm: There are believed to have been around 13,000 postal votes cast in Stratford.

Sorting of ballet papers at Stratford Leisure Centre
Sorting of ballet papers at Stratford Leisure Centre

10pm: Exit Poll predicts Labour to win 191 seats, Lib Dems 13, the SNP 55, other parties 23 and none for the Brexit Party.

10pm: The Exit Poll is in and it's predicting a Conservative majority of 86 seats, with the party winning 368 in total.

9.53pm: It's not long now till the polls close and counting starts in Stratford, Stratford Leisure Centre is beginning to fill up with as counters and party activists get ready for a busy night.

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