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Don't give in to Easter temptation to socialise – council pleads

DON'T give in to temptation and forget the social isolation rules – that's the plea from Stratford District Council as we go into Easter weekend.

Deputy leader Cllr Daren Pemberton said: “As we approach the Easter break we reflect on how much has changed for all of us. Our job at the council is to try to support our residents, businesses and communities at this hugely difficult time while ensuring as many of our services just keep going on in the background.

“We know that social Isolation rules are really tough but they are in place to protect every single one of us. It is really big ask for everyone to stay at home, particularly when the weather is good and we have the Easter weekend to look forward to. This is a time when we want to see our family, friends and neighbours. We are, after all, social animals.

“So please, please, resist any temptation to meet up and chat in a group, whether that be on the Rec, Big Meadow, a park, the Greenway, anywhere in the street or outside our own houses. None of us can know if we have COVID-19 unless or until we have symptoms and so cannot know if or when we are infectious to others or susceptible to infection.

“It is just not worth taking the risk for a 10 minute chat or cup of tea, (or insert drink of choice here) with your mates as they could be infected by you or they can infect you. The risk then transfers to anyone living with you. By and large, they are the most important people in your lives. This is not a lottery you want to win.

“The first stage in beating this thing is to reduce the rate of infection to the point that the restrictions on all of us can begin to be lifted. So enjoy Easter, but please....stay safe, stay healthy and stay socially isolated.”

The statement was issued as part of today, Thursday's, daily update by the council.

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