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Developers accused of leaving Stratford roads a dangerous mess

An angry backlash has been directed towards two housing developers, accused of leaving several roads in Stratford, damaged, dirty and a risk to the public.

The Arden Heath development has long been a sore point for many, after a determined campaign from residents eventually failed to stop the site gaining planning permission.

Work is now underway by Spitfire Homes and Taylor Wimpey, but last week there were a wave of complaints about the actions of lorries approaching the site.

During last Tuesday’s Town Council meeting, Stratford mayor Cllr Kate Rolfe, highlighted the problems being caused, claiming heavy vehicles have been using roads they are not allowed to around the site.

Even on roads such vehicles are allowed to use, mud is caking the carriageway, prompting a barrage of criticism on social media this week amid accusations that the situation is unsafe.

Cllr Kate Rolfe said: “At the Arden Heath development there has been an awful lot of issues with the condition of the roads, on Knights Lane and Loxley Road, lorries have caused deep pot holes. However lorries have also been using Boundary Lane and Pimloco Lane, which they are not supposed to do and there have, according to Facebook, been several frightening near misses. Lorries that shouldn’t be using these roads have created large craters.

“Today (Tuesday) highways officers visited because there have been so many complaints and the county council have insisted that the developer cleans the roads and deal with the condition of the roads.

“Highways have the right to stop them developing and I’m waiting to see what will happen. Since Christmas alone seven people have burst their tyres, the condition of the road is appalling.

“This has to be dealt with, I certainly wouldn’t drive down Boundary Lane in its current condition I think it’s dangerous. This is a very serious situation, I’m trying to work with residents and the developers.”

The matter has also been highlighted by parents at the nearby Croft Preparatory School.

Headmaster Marcus Cook, said: “We’ve certainly had comments from parents and staff about the condition of the road but not had any formal complaints. There are lorries waiting in Pimlico Lane on the side of verges and the problem with that is the debris, dirt and mud that needs to be cleaned in bad weather afterwards.”

Commenting on the problems Jeff Clarke, Portfolio Holder for Transport & Planning at Warwickshire County Council, said: “A formal survey was undertaken of the area in question prior to the commencement of both developments, any deterioration of the associated public highway attributed to the developments will be rectified by the developers at their cost.An inspection of the area will be made to determine if any interim repairs are required at this time.

“We have been in contact with both developments relaying the concerns of local residents as well as our own concerns including requesting further road sweeping and the cessation of access via unsuitable nearby roads.”

The council confirmed that it had received a high volume of complaints about the issue.

A TaylorWimpey spokesperson said: “We understand that construction work underway on either side of Loxley Road is causing some disruption to local residents and we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

“In line with our responsibilities in the Construction Management Plan, we currently have a full time road sweeper on Loxley Road, a further sweeper within our development provided by our Groundworks contractor, as well as mud scraping machinery in operation. We are also closely monitoring the delivery routes that all TaylorWimpey subcontractors and suppliers are using to ensure that all heavy goods vehicles are following the agreed routes.”

The Herald contacted Spitfire Homes for comment, but they were able to provide one prior to publication.

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