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Stratford car park criticism prompts action

Anger over the state of Stratford’s Windsor Street Car Park has prompted the district council to make repairs at the site.

The Windsor Street Car Park (51810195)
The Windsor Street Car Park (51810195)

The Herald regularly receives complaints about the car park which many say lets the town down.

Opposition councillors and resident have previously described how the dark run-down car park leaves users feeling unsafe, a view likely to attract support as darker nights approach.

This week the matter of lighting not working in the stairways in the building and surround pathways was raised on social media this week, reigniting criticism of the district council over a lack of action.

Responding a spokesperson from Stratford District Council, said: “Engineers have visited the site and have been trying to trace the fault on the lighting equipment which has been intermittent and difficult to resolve.

“New lights and emergency lights for both stairwells have now been ordered and they are due to be fitted this week. The front stairwell will be the priority.”

Such maintenance is unlikely to quiet grumbles about the condition of the facility but there is uncertainty about if an when long-term substantial improvements may take place.

This is because the car park is believed to be tied up within Stratford’s Gateway Project, a plan to redevelop a large area of land between Windsor Street and Arden Street.

The council appear reluctant to make major investments if there is the possibility that the land may be redeveloped at some point, but the Gateway has suffered from setbacks, with little progress for years.

However there are signs this could be changing, with the district council submitting a bid for Government for funding to regenerate the area and build a World Shakespeare Centre.

There is no news yet on whether the bid has been successful or whether the redevelopment of the Windsor Street Car Park will be part of the project, but there are many who will hope it is.

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