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Campaign Week 4: Warwickshire Aviation Ltd

Wellesbourne Airfield
Wellesbourne Airfield

However with the constant uncertainty about the airfield’s future hanging in the air, such plans have been forced to take a back seat.

Nicky said: “Relocating would not be an option for us, our customers are all here. I have been to many airfields in the UK and Wellesbourne is one of the nicest in the country. It has a lovely café and there’s no comparison really.

“What I like best about the airfield is the atmosphere. Ideally we would like to expand what we do here, there is huge potential at the airfield for this. We are asked if we can provide other services but at the moment we just can’t do it, for example we would like to be able to re-spray aircraft when they need it, but with the facilities we’ve got things like that are very difficult for us.

“To receive the letter was a bit of a blow because we have worked so hard to build something up, it’s a tough situation to be in. It would be very difficult for us to relocate because we would have to reapply for all the necessary approvals again with all the costs that come with that.

“The issue is it’s not just this airfield that is under threat, it is all general aviation in this country. We need to make a stand because if developers think they can easily just get hold of these airfields, the general aviation industry in this country will all be gone. That would be a huge loss not just for Wellesbourne but for the whole country.

“I’m so pleased that all the businesses here are all together in fighting this, it would be hard for us if we were not united.”

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