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Bidford mum hypnotised on TV game show

A Bidford mum is set to mesmerise TV viewers tonight when she will appear hypnotised on a popular game show.

Lorraine Mansfield, 59, will feature on ITV’s You’re Back In The Room, a show hosted by Philip Schofield in which five contestants take on a series of games under the power of hypnosis.

International mentalist Keith Barry will hypnotise Lorraine and the other contestants before they take part in the tasks as they attempt to win a cash prize.

The seemingly straightforward tasks get much harder, as their hypnotic triggers cause the contestants to unwittingly sabotage their chances of winning.

Lorraine said: “I was in the audience during the last series of the show and I said to my husband that it looked like it would be fun to take part.

We got an email after from the program makers asking if anybody would like to appear in the next series and I signed up.

“I had to go through four susceptibility tests before the show to make sure that I could be hypnotised and at the end of that they offered me a place on the program. “On the actual day they look after you, feed you, give you make up, and walk you around the set so you are comfortable with your surroundings. After that they put you to sleep and while you are under, they make suggestions to you, which affect how you react during the games.

“When you come off the stage at the end it’s a bit like being woken up early from a sleep, you’re in a bit of a daze. I don’t remember seeing the audience at all when I was on stage, you don’t really remember what it was like being up there, you are hypnotised to do a task and when you’re up there all you can concentrate on is doing that task.

“I’m interested in hypnotism, it’s very powerful. When I was 17 I was hypnotised to stop biting my nails. “It’ll be a really good watch on Saturday and I would recommend hypnotism and appearing on You’re Back In the Room to anyone, I’d certainly love to do it again.

“My sons came along to see the filming in London and my eldest said he’d never laughed so much before.”

You’re Back In The Room will be broadcast tonight at 8.30pm on ITV.

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