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BETHANY HILL TRIAL LATEST: Williams tried to admit himself to mental health unit

Bethany Hill and the flat on Hertford Road where she died. Main photo: Mark Williamson.
Bethany Hill and the flat on Hertford Road where she died. Main photo: Mark Williamson.

THE man accused of murdering Bethany Hill in Stratford last year told doctors that he was having thoughts about hurting people in the months leading to her death.

Today (Wednesday) the court has heard evidence from Dr Nicholas Kennedy, a consultant physiatrist tasked with assessing Jack Williams’ mental state before, during and after Bethany’s death.

Starting in May 2015, Dr Kennedy summarised Williams’ appointments with GPs and mental health professionals.

During these meetings Williams said he had thoughts of hurting people, recounted how he enjoyed killing a rat and watching it bleed and said he was fascinated by the occult.

He said his violent thoughts could be directed towards anyone, male, female, old or young and said he was concerned that he would hurt someone.

In June 2015 Williams visited GPs saying he was having increased difficulties in managing his anger and was once again having unpleasant thoughts about hurting people.

Following another meeting in June 2015, doctors noted that Williams had a short attention span, showed impulsive behaviour and had reported a fascination with the occult, experiencing morbid thoughts and periods of amnesia.

GPs noted that Williams was showing some features of schizophrenia, ADHD, Bi-Polar disorder and undiagnosed learning difficulties, though this could also be attributed to a personality disorder.

In October Woods rang doctors requesting help for Williams, saying he had not been sleeping for days and later on the same month Williams attempted to get himself admitted to a mental health unit in Warwick, but was instead visited by the Crisis mental health team at home.

Full reports from a week in court in tomorrow's Herald.

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