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BETHANY HILL MURDER TRIAL LATEST: 'You'll do anything to avoid the jury hearing the truth.'

Bethany Hill and the flat on Hertford Road where she died. Main photo: Mark Williamson.
Bethany Hill and the flat on Hertford Road where she died. Main photo: Mark Williamson.

A court has been told that a woman accused of murdering Bethany Hill in Stratford last year spun a web of lies to hide her involvement.

Giving evidence today, Tuesday, at Warwick Crown Court, Kayleigh Woods was quizzed on a number of aspects of her police statements, given in the days following Bethany’s death.

Prosecutor Stephen Linehan drew attention to Woods' admission in court yesterday that she had failed to tell police that she witnessed an injured Bethany standing in the corridor of the flat with Williams behind her, just before she fled.

He said she had enthusiastically set about the task of sending texts between hers and Bethany’s phone on 3rd February, in an effort to make it appear that she was still alive.

Mr Linehan said the reality of what happened that night did not match up to the timings given by Woods and in fact the attack went on for a lot longer than she claimed.

Woods said she had not mentioned to police going to the bathroom to check Williams’ phone and emerging to see a bloodied Bethany and Williams standing at the doorway, because she blamed herself for doing it.

She said she believed that if she had not she may have been able to stop the situation escalating.

She claimed she was ordered to act normally in the texts from Bethany’s phone by Williams, and simply felt numb when she composed them.

Mr Linehan said: “You will say anything in this case to avoid sharing the truth with the jury won’t you?”

“I’m telling the truth”, she replied.

The case continues.

Look out for more from the case on the Herald website tomorrow, Wednesday and a comprehensive round-up in the Herald on Thursday.

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