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BETHANY HILL MURDER TRIAL: Accused quizzed over police interview lies

Bethany Hill and the flat on Hertford Road where she died. Main photo: Mark Williamson.
Bethany Hill and the flat on Hertford Road where she died. Main photo: Mark Williamson.

A WOMAN on trial for the murder of Bethany Hill in Stratford-upon-Avon last year has been accused of telling a series of lies following her death.

Taking to the stand today, Tuesday, Kayleigh Woods was quizzed by prosecutor Stephen Linehan about details of the 999 call she made on 3rd February reporting Bethany’s death, and subsequent police interviews.

The jury was played the 999 call in which Woods told the operator that her friend was dead in her flat and that she had been cutting herself.

Cross examining Woods, Mr Linehan said: “You intended them to believe that she had killed herself didn’t you?

Woods replied that she didn’t know what she intended.

Mr Linehan continued to ask the same question, and after receiving similar answers told Woods that she could not give a straight answer to a straight question.

Mr Linehan asked who the tears were for in the 999 call.

Woods explained that she was upset, to which Mr Linehan put it to her: “These were not tears for Beth. You felt pity for yourself.”

Woods replied: “If that’s what you think, it’s not true.”

Woods said what happened that day still doesn’t feel real now.

She added: “I can’t get it through my head, I’ve not even had time to grieve.”

Woods told the court that she never set out to persuade the police that Bethany had killed herself.

Mr Linehan spoke to Woods about what happened when she was picked up by the police and the 25 minutes she spent in the back of the police car.

Woods said: “I just zoned out, I’d just been through a traumatic experience, it does funny things to your head.”

Mr Linehan said that this was a direct lie and Woods was actually thinking about what she was going to tell the police during that time.

Later Mr Linehan accused Woods of lying about what she saw in the flat on the night of Bethany’s death, drawing attention to her telling police she had seen Williams jump on Bethany on the bed, and originally claiming not to have seen Williams go to the kitchen after the pair had chatted in the front room.

Woods admitted both details were untrue, claiming a lack of food and sleep over the five days in which she gave police interviews may have resulted in errors in her statements.

Mr Linehan said Woods' version of events did not fit in with the actual timeframe of events, using evidence such as the time Jack Williams, who is also charged with Bethany's murder, was recorded leaving work and recordings made by a neighbour on the night.

Mr Linehan said this showed the attack on Bethany actually took place over a much longer time frame then Woods claims.

Earlier in her evidence Woods told the court how she found out that Williams had killed Bethany when he said he had ‘shown her (Bethany) how to do it properly’ when the pair left the flat on Hertford Road for a walk in the early hours of 3rd February.

She also recounted Williams telling her that he had ‘got a hard on’ when he killed Bethany.

When asked why she had failed to tell this lurid detail to police in initial interviews she said: “I didn’t want to talk to police about that, his fantasies, it’s disgusting, it turns my stomach.”

Woods admitted sending a series of texts between her's and Bethany’s phones on the morning of 3rd February, claiming she was ordered to send the texts by Wiliams to make it look as if Bethany was still alive.

When asked why she didn’t try to escape from Williams and raise the alarm in the hours after Bethany’s death Woods said: “Look at what he’s (Williams) just done, I’m not going to put myself in any dangerous situation. There’s no escaping Jack Williams.”

The trial continues.

For a comprehensive round-up of this week's evidence from Warwick Crown Court see Thursday's Stratford-upon-Avon Herald . To buy an e-edition CLICK HERE

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