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Appeal to help family of Warwickshire dad diagnosed with terminal brain tumour

YOUNG dad Scott Williams has been hit with the devastating news that he has a brain tumour which could leave him with just a few years to live.

Scott Williams with daughters Ella May and Darcy (49901183)
Scott Williams with daughters Ella May and Darcy (49901183)

Now the 33-year-old’s family have launched an appeal to raise £15,000 to help wife Laura and daughters Ella May and Darcy get by from day to day.

Carpet-fitter Scott, from Wellesbourne, knows he may only have eight to ten years after being diagnosed with a grade three brain tumour in 2019, when he suffered a seizing fit.

His brother Westley has launched a GoFundMe page to help pay for pre-school for five-year-old Ella May and two-year-old Darcy, as well as take care of bills and the mortgage as Scott is no longer able to work.

Speaking to the Herald from California, where he lives and works in real estate, Westley said: “After a long wait, Scott became a candidate for surgery and underwent an operation but due to the location and size of the tumour the doctors were only able to partially remove the mass.

“During the operation Scott lost a good portion of his eyesight and is now legally blind. While he and his family are beyond grateful for the surgery being as successful as possible, the loss of sight is a devastating blow.

“He was the breadwinner and supported his family by working in a very labour-intensive job laying carpets and flooring for Stratford firm Barbers, but he’s no longer physically capable of maintaining that work.”

Scott and Westley from Gofundme page (49900388)
Scott and Westley from Gofundme page (49900388)

Laura and Scott’s mum Sue witnessed the seizure as it happened. After telling them he felt unwell, he took himself to bed but when they checked on him he was “mumbling and his eyes had rolled”, Westley said.

An ambulance was called and Scott was rushed to Warwick Hospital, where a stroke was initially suspected. After further blood tests, a scan revealed the brain tumour.

Westley added: “My brother is so laid back, unlike me. When these things happen, you just never know and you should not take things for granted.

“I asked the question of the doctors – ‘What’s my brother’s life expectancy?’ – and we were told eight to ten years, but some people live longer. I thought to myself, ‘Why couldn’t it have been me?’ My brother might not see his daughters graduate or watch them walk down the aisle.”

The family rallied round, with Sue taking early retirement from the NFU in Tiddington to help Laura with child care while she worked from home. Scott’s sister Emma lends support from the States, where she also lives.

As a youngster, Scott grew up in Ettington and went to Kineton High School, where he was a promising rugby player.

Westley added: “Scott has always been willing to give, be there for his family, friends and teammates when needed, so I hope we can all get behind Scott to help him along this long road.”

Visit https://uk.gofundme.com/f/help-support-scott-has-he-fights-his-brain-tumor.

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