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Anti-vax letters anger residents

Letters and leaflets making negative claims about Covid-19 vaccinations have provoked more anger among residents in Stratford as anti-vaccination groups continue to target the town.

Vaccine (52119648)
Vaccine (52119648)

The letters and leaflets were posted through people’s doors just days after parents complained about one group of anti-vax protesters approaching children at the gates of Stratford High School.

One resident to receive a letter told the Herald: “This type of misinformation is being spread and there’s no proof to any of it.

“Luckily, I think my neighbours believe the same as I do – that this kind of thing is unsubstantiated rubbish, which should go in the bin. I noticed that there was no name and no contact details on this letter either.

“There is a line on the bottom saying ‘protect our children’, essentially saying you don’t care about your children if you allow them to take the vaccine. That really is beyond contempt.”

Fellow resident Terry Abrey said: “It’s not very nice to get this kind of letter, it doesn’t say who it has come from and it’s just nasty stuff. I know a lot of people won’t take this kind of thing seriously, but there are those who for whatever reason may decide to believe it. There are dangers if you get your information from social media or letters such as these.”

Last month the manner of the unannounced protest at Stratford School, and the way the participants were said to have directly approached children, provoked condemnation from parents.

Reacting to the recent protest, Stratford MP Nadhim Zahawi said: “It is absolutely unacceptable for any group to harass children outside the school gates, spreading misinformation. I would encourage any parent who is concerned to contact my office so that I may support them in their individual case.”

Nationally there have been warnings from school leaders over hoax Covid vaccine consent letters, spreading anti-vaccine messages to parents.

The letters carry a fake NHS logo and claim Covid vaccinations carry a number of serious health risks.

All 12-15-year-olds are currently being offered vaccinations, with the aim of reducing infections and minimising disruption in schools.

Warwickshire has seen a big rise in Covid-19 infections among school children in recent weeks, with more than 1,300 cases reported in the week 20-27th September. However, from this week a change in national guidance means the county council is no longer able to provide figures for the number of school children with Covid in the county, simply saying that 32 schools in Stratford district are currently affected.

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