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Alcester dog poo battle sees owner shamed and arrested after he starts fight over picking up after his pooch

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A dog owner ended up in the deep and smelly when he refused to pick up his pet’s mess from an Alcester pavement.

He was confronted by an ex-army member of the public who spotted his dog defecating. But instead of apologising and picking up he turned violent and used a paving slab as a weapon. Justice was served when the police arrived to arrest the pet owner. Karma was in force too, when the hapless owner ended up sprawled in his own pet’s mess when his assault backfired.

Police recounted the incident in a Facebook post that had a shaggy dog tale flavour.

If it poops you scoop: simple moral obligation escapes some dog owners.
If it poops you scoop: simple moral obligation escapes some dog owners.

An officer said: “Having taken his dog for a walk, and being challenged by a member of public for not picking up his dogs mess, our suspect decided to throw some nasty words and a few punches rather than apologise and do the right thing.

“Having had his punches expertly dodged this should have given our suspect an indication that he had chosen the wrong course of action, however, undeterred, he sought help from a nearby plank of wood, followed by a loose paving slab.

“Our victim, who, we shall call Neo, thankfully came out of the incident unscathed, but understandably bored of dodging and repeatedly disarming his attacker, he used reasonable force to restrain our suspect on the floor whilst he waited for police to arrive.

“It is unfortunate for the suspect on this occasion that his victim happened to have an extensive military background and a rather impressive skill set. It is also unfortunate that the coordinates of where the suspect was restrained on the floor just so happened to correspond with the exact location of his animal’s prior bowel evacuation.

“This gentleman was able to reflect on this altogether unfortunate incident in a police cell after a hot shower and will no doubt continue to reflect until he attends court for assault and offences under the dog (fouling of land) act.”

The post finished with a confession that officers had briefly allowed the dog owner to briefly escape their clutches.

They joked: “Warwickshire RCT reserve the right to refuse to answer all questions relating to how a suspect managed to go from being detained by a member of public, to making a run for it in the presence of police officers. Any cake fines related to this incident will have been honoured by the time of this anecdote going to print.”

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