Disappointment at slow progress of cycle hire scheme

Would you like to see a cycle hire scheme in Stratford similar to that in London (pictured)

A Boris Bike style cycle hire scheme is still on the cards for Stratford, despite an apparent lack of progress since the idea was first announced in 2017.

A report put before Cabinet in November 2017 outlined two options for such a scheme, the first a docked scheme where bikes could be picked up and dropped off a points around the town for a small fee, and the second a dock-less scheme where bikes could be left anywhere.

At the time members favoured a docked bike scheme and invited expressions of interest from potential operators.

Despite growing pressure on the authority to focus its efforts on tackling climate change, on the face of it little appears to have happened to move the scheme forward.

Explaining the status of the scheme, Cllr Daren Pemberton, deputy leader and place portfolio holder, said: “Following a Cabinet decision in 2017, interested parties were invited to demonstrate how they would implement a cycle hire scheme in Stratford-upon-Avon.

“Joining the West Midlands cycle share scheme was considered to be the best option available and we have been working to implement this. Unfortunately, the rollout of this scheme has taken longer than anticipated, but a pilot has recently been launched in Wolverhampton, which we will be monitoring with a view to bringing bikes to Stratford as the scheme develops.”

Expressing disappointment that the bike hire scheme is taking so long to get off the ground, Liberal Democrat member Cllr Jenny Fradgley said: “Along with other ‘green’ initiatives such as electric car charging points the Conservatives seem to be dragging their feet on this.

“I’m disappointed that they don’t seem to be including local organisations such as the Stratford Cycle Forum in this. They could at least start now by improving the cycle infrastructure in the town – we badly need more parking points for cycles – in preparation for the eventual introduction of a cycle hire scheme.”

  • kingcoil

    A dock-less scheme would be stupid as all of the bikes would dissapear a bit like the Gold bike scheme some years ago. Will these bikes have lights ? as most bikes i see at night have no lights on at all and the Police do nothing about it, The bikes go down one way streets the wrong way and on the wrong side of bridge street, right in front of the local Police who do nothing at all.

    • Charles Paris

      You’ve never seen a bikeshare bicycle have you? they are all fitted with a multitude of bright LED lights both front and rear, in addition certain one way streets in Stratford have a cycle lane that allows bikes to ride in either direction, Waterfront for example. How you mention the Police several times in your pathetic rant is fairly alarming, god forbid you need the assistance of our hardworking police force but they are too busy writing up a cyclist for not having bright enough light…

      • kingcoil

        Yes i have seen the Santader bikes in London and for your info waterside is the only one way street in Stratford that allows cyclists to go both ways on a one way street.Have you read a copy of the highway code ? Lights on cycles must be used after dusk, i was caught with no lights on my bike as a youth and a copper told me to push it as i had no lights on it.

        • Charles Paris

          so you have seen the lights on a bikeshare scheme but still needed to ask the question whether or not this scheme will have them? Do you check if private car owners have fire extinguishers fitted because taxis have to? I think this boils down to some ill conceived personal hatred towards bicycles and if you do get enraged at the sight of a human being riding a bicycle perhaps you should be receiving some professional help for it?

          • kingcoil

            I have no issue with cyclists if they obey the highway code which most do not, If i broke the law in my works van and had no lights on after dusk then i would be prosecuted . So why do the Police not prosecute those on cycles ! This is not cycle bashing nor Police bashing it is the LAW !! Maybe you have an issue with the law ?

          • Charles Paris

            Im truly honoured to be in discussion with the single car / van driver in the country who has never exceeded the speed limit on any road ever! What a tremendous success! There should be signs in your honour on the roads across Stratford!… that or you’re a hypocrite who does actually break the law but is fine with it because you’re not riding a bicycle?

    • 1jamessmith1

      Will this be the same police who do nothing about car driver who use mobile phones while in motion, even when there is snow and/ or ice on the road?

  • Centre Parting

    Have these people ever ridden a bike round town? Tourists who get hurt will sue and rightly so.
    (I do ride in town and it is very dangerous.