Warwickshire dominate Dorset in National Johns Trophy opener

Rosemarie Geden, Margaret Grosvenor, Linda Linney and Chris Cooke.


WARWICKSHIRE dominated Dorset 127-98 in the opening round of the National Johns Trophy to take home 20 points and earn their place as group leaders.

Highest winning rink went to Chris Cooke with Rosemarie Geden (both Southam), Margaret Grosvenor (Lillington) and Linda Linney (Stratford) who set off strongly and were 11-1 up at seven ends before the opposition found the pace and started to pull back, but only briefly enabling Cooke’s team to finish 25-13.

Hannah Smith receives her Johns Trophy Flash from county president Chris Cooke.

Jenny Corn with Jacqui Cook (both Lillington), Joy Cooke (Blossomfield) and Elaine Taylor (Stoke) also started well but a six-shot deficit on the ninth end left them level  at 10-10 at the tenth end.

However, their spirits were not deflated and they hung on in to finish with a positive 22-13 win.

Lisa Smith with Hannah Smith (both Avenue Leamington), Heather Mills (Grange Ladies) and Moira Parsons (Welford) also set off strongly, picking up five shots on the second end and although their opponents pulled back, it wasn’t enough and they also finished 22-13 ahead.

Kirsty Richards with Helen Slimm (both Whitnash), Di Medhurst (Stoke) and Gill Maund (Sherwood Park) were evenly balanced at 8-8 on the tenth end and again 12-12 on the 13th end, but their tenacity was sufficient for them to pull ahead to win 20-15.

Joy Cooke receivers her Johns Trophy Flash from Chris Cooke.

Sue Hornsby with Di Thurlbeck (both Lillington), Sharon Keal (Snitterfield) and Debbie Bloxham (Stratford) started slowly and were 11-3 down at six ends, but five shots on the seventh gave them the encouragement they needed and they never looked back as they went on to finish with a 24-21 win.

Maureen Edwards (Rugby Thornfield), Lynne Innes (Stratford), Wendy Holloway (Welford) and Pat Moore (Three Spires) were not so fortunate as, despite picking up five shots on the sixth end to put them in the lead, they weren’t able to hold on and eventually finished 23-14 losers.

After an excellent meal, county president Chris Cooke (Southam) presented Joy Cooke (Blossomfield) and Hannah Smith (Avenue Leamington) with Johns Trophy flashes.