Taxi driver in sticker situation over flag display

Stratford taxi driver Greg Rojewski proudly displayed a crossed Union and Polish flag on the back of his cab symbolising the close links between Britain and his homeland.

A POLISH taxi driver who has lived and worked in Stratford-upon-Avon for 15 years says he feels “discriminated against” for being told by Stratford District Council to remove his joint Union and Polish flag sticker from his cab window which he says is a sign of solidarity and friendship.

Greg Rojewski said the council’s licensing officer told him to remove the sticker from the rear window of his taxi after the council received a complaint two weeks ago. Furthermore, Greg then had to drive his vehicle to council headquarters – yesterday, Wednesday – at Elizabeth House, Stratford, to prove to the licensing officer the British-Polish sticker had been removed from his cab.

He was surprised to receive the following email from the district council’s licensing team after initial contact was a made a fortnight ago; it reads: “Further to myself and my colleague’s conversation with you regarding the removal of the flags on your vehicle, please could you present your vehicle to us on Wednesday between 0900 and 1030, at our offices at Elizabeth House, so that we may confirm that they have been removed. If you are unable to make this appointment, then please let us know as soon as possible.”

For the full story read this week’s Stratford Herald.

  • SJD67

    Would this be the same taxi driver that is frequently seen driving around smoking in his taxi, what a shame he feels discriminated against yet feels that he is free to break the law when he chooses to with no comeback

  • TGB

    From the Council’s email, “Further to myself and my colleague’s conversation with
    you regarding the removal of the flags on your vehicle, please could you
    present your vehicle…”

    What a shockingly bad piece of grammar and sentence construction. Does SDC not require at least a basic English qualification for its employees?

  • Hugh

    “There are a lot of Polish people in Stratford and some of them don’t always speak much English.”
    Quote: You might need to prove your knowledge of the English language if you’re 18 or over and applying for citizenship or to settle in the UK (known as ‘indefinite leave to remain’).

  • kingcoil

    “Polish pilots fought in the Battle of Britain” and for this we owe you what exactly ? you smoke in your taxi and when you eventually get caught you will call that discrimination also ?

    • Chris Collins

      A bit of goodwill wouldn’t go amiss, would it?

      • kingcoil

        Goodwill ? rules are set down for a reason and to create a level playing field. This driver probably put the Polish flag on his Taxi so that he could get customers from the Polish community and to take an unfair advantage.

        • Chris Collins

          So those who don’t speak much English should be fleeced by taxi drivers who are better able to take advantage of their ignorance?
          I really don’t think that crossed flags on the rear windscreen is going to be a huge advantage to any driver. But it does show how desperate for an excuse you are. Leave the man alone.

          • kingcoil

            The last time i had a taxi they were all the same price as the meter is set by the local council. In life you have a set of rules and if you do not agree with the rules then do not bother to do the job Simples. In my job if i break a rule i get penailsed this driver was only told to remove the item and was not penalised.ALL of the Taxis in Stratford from what i have seen advertise a company called cab direct i think this also needs to be looked into.@Chris Collins are you a taxi regular like i am? i very much doubt it

          • Chris Collins

            So you’ve never been a stranger in an area and taken the long way round by a taxi driver? Lucky you…

          • kingcoil

            Are you saying that Taxi drivers in Stratford are dishonest and would go the long way around to make more money ? You need to get out more