VIDEO: On the road to no where


FRUSTRATED drivers, residents and visitors to Stratford-upon-Avon have questioned the wisdom of digging up two main arterial roads into the town at the same time.

Ironically, both sets of of roadworks were as a result of utility work carried out by Severn Trent which has left motorists questioning the timing of the remedial work at peak times over the weekend and into Monday’s rush hour.

The situation was made worse on Monday and Tuesday for all road users because Shipston Road was closed to traffic for the early part of the day – Tuesday – before re-opening later on and Warwick Road had four sets of traffic lights in operation even though maintenance work there had been completed on Monday night.

A frustrated resident caught up in the tailbacks complained to the Herald: “Tailbacks about two miles over the weekend, up to an hour to get through, no notice at top of A439 saying use A3400. Roadworks were actually narrow enough to allow two way traffic so lights not even needed. Heard that people were late for work, missed leisure centre sessions, late for meals, trade suffered in town. No thought through at all!
Combine with Shipston Road being closed into town made a right old mess.”

  • ncb

    Traffic Lights for no need, how many times do we see that. . It’s time people digging up roads and using temporary TLs were made to pay the council for every hour they are in use, they would soon be taking them down overnight and at weekends. A 4pm – 9.30am ban on major roads would be a good start too.

    • Stephen Gatehouse

      You do realise that it is the council that insist upon the use of temp lights don’t you ? Utilities, in the past, could use their own judgement, but now it is dictated by the council highways department every time.

      • ncb

        I didn’t know that so thanks for the info. They need to do a better job policing work being done and lights left out after the workers go home for the day. 8 hours of action, 24 hours of delays when moving a few cones will make the traffic flow normally.

        • Stephen Gatehouse

          I do not disagree with anything that you say. It is frustrating for us aswell, we have to put up with the abuse, even though the situation is not of our making. But if only one person reading this remembers that it is not the fault of the guys doing the work, then my job will be easier lol.