LIVE UPDATES: Local elections count

The local election count at Stratford Leisue Centre this morning

After weeks of hard campaigning candidates in the local elections will today learn their political fate.

The Conservatives will be hoping to maintain their majority in the chamber, but it remains to be seen whether voters will take out their frustrations with the national party over Brexit on local candidates.

Those still hoping the UK may still stay in the EU may swing their support behind the Lib Dems, while the Greens, who are fielding candidates in every ward, may see gains amid heightened concerns about the environment.

Labour are hopeful of gaining representation in the chamber again, having seen their sole councillor Jason Fojtik (now standing as an independent in Clopton) leave the party on the day of nominations being submitted.

It will also be interesting to seek whether UKIP’s only candidate in the elections, Frank Rietz, gains much support in Wellesbourne East, given the current uncertainty over Brexit.

Altogether 142 candidates are contesting 36 district wards while 120 candidates are contesting 21 town and parish councils.

The council is currently made up of 26 conservatives, four Liberal Democrats, five Independents, with one seat vacant.

Turnout at the last local elections in May 2015 was 71.7% (combined with General Election) from an electorate of 98,791.

All in all there’s lots to look out for so keep an eye on this page for live updates from our reporting team at today’s count.

Alcester and Rural – Conservative HOLD

Mark Cargill (Cons)   712

Carolyn Evans (Lib Dem)    197

Andrew Foster (Lab)    211

Mike Mordue (Green)   107

Alcester Town – Lib

Sue Adams (Cons)  304

Jake Hotson (Green)   57

Susan Juned (Lib Dem)   482

Emma Whiteford (Lab)   70

Avenue – Green GAIN

Karen Brown (Lab)  59

John Riley (Green)    279

Juliet Short (Cons)    166

Cohl Warren-Howles (Lib Dems)    170

Bidford East – Conservative Hold

Anthony Kent (Lab) 212

Daren Pemberton (Cons) 516

Manuela Perteghella (Lib Dems) 170

Tom Venus (Green) 106

Bidford West and Salford – Conservative HOLD

Bill Fleming (Cons)    529

Tom Genders (Green)    167

William Horton (Lib Dems)    140

Christopher Jury (Lab)   90

Bishops Itchington -Conservative Hold

Chris Kettle (Cons) 644

Matthew North (Green) 156

Fiona Onslow-Free (Lib Dem) 214

Bishopton – Lib Dem Gain

Victoria Alcock (Lib Dem) 443

Roger Brain (Cons) 209

Aaron Marshall (Lab) 58

Bruno Mason (Green) 70

Brailes and Compton – Conservative Hold

Sara Billins (Lib Dem) 251

Anne Waldon (Green) 133

Sarah Whalley-Hoggins (Cons) 691

Ronan Woods (Lab) 69

Bridgetown – Lib Dem GAIN

Ian Fradgley (Lib Dem)  596

Robin Malloy (Lab)   89

Lynda Organ (Cons)   464

Stephen Ward (Green)    115

Clopton – Independent Hold

Jason Fojtik (Independent) 404

Philip How (Lib Dem) 180

Ryan Podmore (Cons) 92

Elliot Wassell (Green) 39

Independent Jason Fojtik, centre, held Clopton ward.

Ettington – Con HOLD

Nina Knapman (Lib Dem)     171

Alexander Monk (Lab)    57

Penny-Anne O’Donnell (Cons)   782

Angela Webb (Green)   158

Guildhall – Lib Dem Hold

Neil Annat (Lab) 71

Jenny Fradgley (Lib Dem) 710

Stephen Michaux (Green) 105

Karen Parnell (Cons) 225

Harbury: Independent Hold

Sue Bushill (Lib Dems) 418

Tom Greenway (Lab) 107

Jacqui Harris (Independent) 446

David Watkin (Green) 133

Hathaway- Lib Dem Hold

Gill Cleeve (Lib Dems) 304

Kieran Kelly (Lab) 96

Peter Pettifor (Green) 111

Tim Sinclair (Cons) 146

Henley-in-Arden – Conservative Hold

Matt Jennings (Cons) 805

Christopher Jones (Lab) 81

Karyl Rees (Lib Dem) 107

Penny Stott (Green) 243

Kineton – Cons Hold

Rob Ballantyne (Green) 199

Chris Mills (Cons) 824

Nicholas Solman (Lib Dems) 210

Kinwarton – Conservative Hold

Lynn Bowring (Lib Dems) 302

Gill Forman (Cons) 520

Kathrin Foster (Lab) 57

Tess Venus (Green) 82

Long Itchington and Stockton – Lib Dem GAIN

Louis Adam (Lib Dem)    491

James Briggs (Lab)     123

Ben Dalton (Cons)    355

Liz Donovan (Green)    93

Napton and Fenny Compton – Lib Dem Gain

Emilia Fletcher (Cons) 394

Zoe James (Green) 127

Nigel Rock (Lib Dems) 539

Quinton – Conservative HOLD

Edward Fitter (Cons)    515

Olivia Hatch (Green)    180

Nicholas Partington (Lab)   70

Diane Walden (Lib Dem)   107

Red Horse- Conservative Hold

Allison Aves (Green) 226

John Feilding (Cons) 698

John Insoll (Lib Dems) 135

Jan Sewell (Lab) 75

Shipston North – Cons Hold

Roger Billins (Lib Dem) 238

Trevor Harvey (Cons) 545

Peter Landsman (Green) 133

Jan Ozimkowski (Lab) 82

Shipston South – Conservative HOLD

Jo Barker (Cons)     546

Frances Boyle (Lab)   316

John Dinnie (Lib Dem)    92

David Passingham (Green)   119

Shottery: Lib Dem Gain

David Curtis (Lib Dem) 527

Jake Findlater (Cons) 316

Jenny Harding (Green) 98

Robert Williams (Lab) 39

Snitterfield – Conservative Hold

Liam Bridge (Lab) 60

Roger Harding (Lib Dem) 162

Rosie Parker (Green) 198

Peter Richards (Cons) 694

Southam North – Independent HOLD

David Booth (Lib Dem)    115

Tony Bromwich (Independent)    480

Richard Hobbs (Cons)   163

Pat Hotson (Green)    82

Southam South – Conservative Hold

Andy Crump (Cons) 652

Derek Price (Green) 83

Sue Roderick (Lib Dem) 79

Helen Wilson (Lab) 148

Studley with Mappleborough Green- Lib Dem Gain

Wayne Bates (Lab) 89

Peter Hencher-Serafin (Lib Dem) 447

Justin Kerridge (Cons) 395

Victoria Widdowson (Green) 92

Studley with Sambourne – LIB DEM HOLD

Paul Beaman (Cons)    367

Neil Edden (Lib Dem)   424

Val Gaize (Green)   105

Chris Pilkington (Lab)   103

Tanworth-in-Arden – Conservative Hold

Jo Benjamin (Lib Dem) 76

Tony Dixon (Cons) 650

Tony O’Hagan (Lab) 27

John Stott (Green) 72

Tiddington – Lib Dem Hold

Phil Applin (Cons) 316

Helen Cooper (Lab) 56

Jack Fildew (Green) 62

Kate Rolfe (Lib Dem) 873

Welcombe- Cons Hold

Sally Bigwood (Lab) 63

Elizabeth Coles (Lib Dem) 379

Tony Jefferson (Cons) 433

Duncan Parker (Green) 108

Welford-on-Avon- Independent Hold

Peter Barnes (Independent) 897

Richard Cox (Cons) 291

Ian Cuthbertson (Green) 117

Ted Spicer (Lab) 73

Wellesbourne East – Conservative Hold

Roger Fisher (Green) 60

Hazel Haywood (Lab) 105

David Johnston (Lib Dem) 391

Anne Parry (Cons) 590

Frank Rietz (UKIP) 70

Wellesbourne West – Conservative HOLD

Carol Canty (Lab)    112

Debbie Chowdhury (Lib Dem)    151

Danny Kendall (Cons)    653

Victoria Parker (Green)    97

Wootton Wawen – Conservative HOLD

John Bicknell (Lib Dem)    154

Philip Heath (Lab)    66

Charlotte McClymont (Green)    149

Ian Shenton (Cons)    741


  • imustbeoldiwearacap

    Yet again (with a few exceptions) the voters of Stratford Upon Avon have shown the smug self-satisfied side of their lives. They live in a bubble where they do not see poverty, food banks, a disintegrating social care and lack of services to those most in need. I’m sure if the Tories put up Tin Man as a candidate at the next GE, he would win by a mile!