In this week’s Herald

This week's Herald is out today

This week’s Herald is a bumper edition you don’t want to miss …

Not only is our stunning May issue of Focuslife magazine FREE with this week’s paper but we also have a special, four-page report on all the goings-on over the Shakespeare Birthday Weekend.

Among the many highlights this week we were there when the ribbon was cut on the Peony Pavilion and, sport wise, it was a very dramatic week for Stratford Town.

Plus this week’s issue is packed with all the news, views, sport and arts happening across the town and district – so don’t miss out, get your copy today.



  • KJ

    And in next week’s Herald…
    How about something to do with Stratford’s overflowing bins, and the dangerously ‘repaired’ footpaths? Maybe an article about the excess of unwanted events, how they are affecting local businesses, and the town in general. Why don’t Stratforward do something that is actually geared towards encouraging locals braving it into town at the weekend? Such as a few totally event-free weekends?
    The lack of parking for residents, and the council’s obvious preference of having satisfied tourists over happy locals, are also topics that our long running paper could investigate.
    It seems as though there is nowhere for residents to voice their opinions, seeing as the council do whatever they want, and our local paper consistently struggles to criticize them!
    And finally, what on earth is going on with the planning department of SDC? There are some questionable decisions being made, especially since the red herring that is the Neighbourhood Plan went through. Something stinks, Herald. Imagine how many more copies you could sell if you covered more controversial stories that stand up for Stratford town dwellers.