Crime commissioner launches £500,000 road safety fund

Philip Seccombe.

A £500,000 fund to improve road safety in Warwickshire has been launched by the county’s police and crime commissioner.

Applications to the Warwickshire Road Safety Fund were opened last week by Philip Seccombe as part of a drive to encourage new projects across the county, to complement existing work done by the emergency services and highways authority.

The fund will support projects which help to change driver, rider and pedestrian behaviour to reduce risk-taking, protect vulnerable road users, and provide enhanced road safety awareness.

Its aim is to reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on the county’s roads.

Multi-agency and collaborative projects will also be welcomed, with the deadline for applications falling on 3rd June.

Mr Seccombe said: “By making this money available I want to really encourage a greater emphasis on road safety across Warwickshire for all users of our roads. Our police, fire and rescue services, highway authorities and community safety partnerships already play a key role in road safety but there are other groups and organisations that can help make a real difference.

“I was really encouraged by an engagement day we had earlier this month with prospective bidders, which showed there are lots of potential schemes and good ideas out there that could help to make a real difference on our roads. In opening the fund for applications, I want to hear from as many of them as possible.

“Sadly, in 2018 there were 35 people killed and 320 others who suffered serious injuries on Warwickshire’s roads and of course, for every one of these there were many other family members and friends who were also deeply affected. This is simply too high a number and I am determined to find new ways of ensuring that our county is as safe as it can be for all road users and pedestrians.

“This funding will be in addition to the work that is already ongoing to tackle anti-social and dangerous driving, as I am keen to support an even wider variety of road safety schemes as it is clear that more needs to be done.”

For more details of how to apply, visit: