Alcott’s Little Women on at the Bear Pit

Little Women in rehearsals

Second Thoughts Drama Group bring a production of Little Women to The Bear Pit Theatre from Wednesday to Saturday.

Little Women is a classic American story of the four March sisters, each with their own individual talents, personalities and dreams for their future, coming of age in Civil War America. Based on the novel by Louisa May Alcott (it was published in 1868), and adapted by Emma Reeves, the play follows the sisters: Meg, the romantic, she Beth, wilful Amy and fiery Jo, on their journey through youth, coping with love, life and loss and watching as they grow together into women.

Such is its popularity, Little Women has been filmed several times, made into TV series, and has been adapted both as an opera and as a stage musical.

The newest film version is due out at the end of 2019. Georgina Wood, who directs the production, says: “Little Women is a play about young women knowing what they want and going out into the world and taking it, without apologies or regrets. A message which should be reinforced in today’s society: you can and you should.”

Little Women is at the Bear Pit Theatre from 10th to 13th April. For tickets call 01789-403416 or visit