Town Trust defends land sale


Stratford Town Trust has defended its decision to sell off a strip of public open space to the rear of 7 Benson Road.

The sale was drawn to the attention of the Herald this week after one of the new owners of the land put up a new fence.

The Trust still owns a larger plot of green space behind the derelict 7 Benson Road which it says it has no plans to sell.

The Town Trust is planning to sell 7 Benson Road in the near future after plans to demolish the building and erect new houses on the land to its rear were abandoned some years ago amid public outcry.

The house did actually sell at auction for £1.14million in 2017, only for the sale to fall through.

Sara Aspley, chief executive of the Stratford Town Trust, explained last week that the recent sale of a small strip of land was to tidy up the boundary of the site, following a previous sale in 2015, which saw some adjacent residents acquire sections.

Mrs Aspley said: “In 2015 the Town Trust agreed to sell a small strip of land to the rear of Benson Road to neighbouring residents, who wanted to extend their garden boundaries. A further sale of a smaller piece to square off this land completed very recently, hence the erection of the new fence by one of two new owners.

“The remaining land that was subject to the sale has been marked out by the other new owner whilst we await the report from our appointed boundary surveyor about the positioning of the fence. The new fence that is already in position will also be subject to this report.

“The remainder of this parcel of land with the post and bar fence remains in the ownership of College Estate and the care of Stratford Town Trust. In the longer term we want to work with community groups like The Friends of Rowley Fields and organisations like Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to explore ways in which we might increase wildlife and biodiversity on this parcel of land, and the wider Rowley Fields for the benefit of all.”

Mrs Aspley declined to comment on how much the land was sold for.



  • KJ

    Hi Herald,
    A story on the absolute mess that has been made of repairing the footpath on Guild Street would be good. They have created multiple trip hazards, and the council need a kick up their backsides about it. It would be easy to think that because not many tourists use it, then it’s no big deal to the council, however, Henley Street is in a poor state of repair too.
    Where’s the residents’ council tax going?

    • Amusementman

      Real reason of selling was they where planning to build some “executive ” properties downside was law stated they had to build normal social housing to . Masterplan was to build the “cheaper” social housing on Warwick road side and posh ones up the hill.
      Unfortunately Warwick road ones would be in flood lines.
      Whole masterplan went out the door and now they try to show they are environmentally friendly.
      Yeah right filling pockets didn’t work