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We have something very special in this week’s Herald – the new-look edition of our free monthly magazine Focus, which is as always packed with stories and features from around the region but with some added lifestyle inspiration.

Among the Herald highlights this week are KES’s head girl making history; a mum’s life-changing transplant; the latest on Stratford’s Picturehouse cinema, a surprise police u-turn and too much more to mention.

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  • Spawnofjabba

    I’ve just read the front page article of today’s Herald. What is going on! Why on earth are the council disrupting the town because Mop head Bob Wilson isn’t making enough money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • kingcoil

      The council probably got a brown envelope yet again, The council will let it move despite all the protests. The council knows that all of the town center shops will pay their business rates despite being crapped on by this terrible council