Stratford group joins march for a people’s vote on Brexit


Campaigners from Stratford joined more than a million others in London last week to demand a People’s Vote on Brexit.

According to local pro-Europe groups Stratford4Europe, more than 400 campaigners from across the district joined the event on 23rd March.

Jonathan Baker, chair of Stratford4Europe, said: “It was truly inspiring to see 400 plus of our supporters brandishing placards and flags when we gathered in Hyde Park in London before the march and then joining what was a complete cross-section of British society.

“It was an emotional experience even though most of us, because of the huge numbers, never made it as far as Parliament Square or heard the speeches.

“Impressive too was the notable absence of a police presence and no hint of trouble, just a real sense of community, friendship and a shared, common purpose. The march really did show the true British spirit at its very best.”

  • wicked messenger

    More than a million? More reliable independent estimates put the London turnout at between 300,000 and 500,000. And I only see six from Stratford. Plus a small child being indoctrinated.