Fresh news on long-awaited Gateway project

A concept of how the retail element of the plan might look. (Submitted picture)

AMBITIOUS plans to regenerate a key corridor into Stratford-upon-Avon town centre – The Gateway – have been given a boost with news that a series of drawings now exist to push the project forward and have been seen by Warwickshire businessman Peter Warwick the driving force behind the project.

It’s not known what the drawings detail but in May 2017 a series of architectural drawings (pictured) were released and showed the multi-million pound venture on 2.85 acres of land between Windsor Street and Arden Street, would potentially include offices, retail units, a hotel and residential space.

If and when works starts, it’s believed the Gateway Project would include provision over the future of a series of Grade II listed properties built in 1827 known as Waterloo Terrace which are empty and boarded up on the Birmingham Road integral to that would be some sort of decision about the fish and chip shop in the same place which closed down several years ago.