Picturehouse hotel plan is given the green-light

An artist's impression of the new hotel.

A NEW 81-bedroom hotel on the site of Stratford’s Picturehouse cinema has been approved by Stratford District Council.

The decision was rubber stamped by planners last Friday and adds to the growing uncertainty over the long-term future of the Picturehouse.

This week the Herald can reveal exclusive new pictures of what the four-storey hotel will look like.

The hotel will house a restaurant area for guests only and would include a glazed top floor and two ‘green walls’ to break up what would otherwise be large expanses of brickwork.

Applicant Igor Kolodotschko, who owns the Picturehouse building, said: “I’m pleased that it’s gone through, I think it will be a good thing for Stratford, the town is in need of another 1,000 bedrooms for overnight accommodation, so this will certainly help.

“We are looking into launching it as a Travelodge Plus, which is a slightly more boutique hotel, but certainly affordable.

“It’s too early to speculate about when we might start work, we’re still in negotiations with Picturehouse and with various parties who may be involved in the project. I would like to see work start before the end of the year, but it’s all still up in the air.”

The application stated that the landowner’s reason for replacing the Picturehouse centred on the assertion that the cinema was no longer viable with the arrival of the Everyman Cinema at Bell Court.

When approached by the Herald Picturehouse reiterated its existing statement: “The Picturehouse lease will expire in Sep 2020.

“We will consider all options and continue discussions with our landlord until that time. As yet, no decisions have been made on whether to renew or relinquish the lease.”

There were 14 objections to the application with concerns expressed about the character and design of the building, an overdevelopment of the site, its impact of neighbouring listed buildings, insufficient parking and congestion.

The overlooking of other properties and disruption that to neighbours during construction were also mentioned.

Windsor Street resident Liz Willetts, said: “I think the Picturehouse is quite a nice looking 1930s art deco style building, I would much prefer them to do something with that then demolish it.

“I’m not against change from time to time, but the construction of this hotel will be incredibly invasive and disruptive to residents nearby, there will be so much noise, dust and construction traffic.

“It’s bound to hold up traffic which will really affect the air quality, I work from home so there isn’t any way I can escape all this.

“I’m very disappointed that this application has been approved and I’m not too keen on the idea of 40 hotel rooms overlooking my windows.”

However the planning officer’s report concluded that the proposed building was no more imposing on properties opposite the site on Windsor Street then the existing Picturehouse.

It noted that the change of use to a hotel would be in keeping with the existing commercial character of the street and concludes that the proposal would not result in substantial harm to nearby residents.

  • 1jamessmith1

    Just how many hotels paying deriseory wages to slaves on zero hour contracts dose the town need?

  • KJ

    I’d love to know how much extra parking is being made available for this new hotel. Any ideas, anyone??
    And… Has the Herald investigated the situation concerning the rotting boat that is still in the canal basin? The wheelie bin and porta potty are still next to it!! Why has no one done anything about this? I have contacted the council and the waterways authorities but no action has been taken. Any ideas, anyone??

    • 1jamessmith1

      KJ SDC won’t do any thing unless they receive a bribe/ bung or back hander first, usuall in units of £ 10K

    • kingcoil

      The council needs money for the crap Windsor street car park one wonders if there was a deal done to upgrade the car park and part of the said car park reserved for this hotel ? Keep an eye on the car park if it is suddenly improved then i was right