Rosie’s year-long marathon challenge

Rosie and Lincoln

Twelve half-marathons in twelve months is quite a challenge, but a dedicated Henley woman is preparing to put in the miles to help those fighting prostate cancer.

Rosie Vetter, 35, decided to support Prostate Cancer UK after her father was diagnosed with the disease last year.

She was so impressed with the level of care he received, she felt compelled to give something back.

It was only at the end of last year that Rosie began running but during the winter months she’s been donning her head torch and trainers and setting out with her trusty five year-old border collie, Lincoln.

Rosie, a senior environment manager at High Speed Two, said: “My dad used to be a health consultant and when this problem didn’t go away for six weeks, he knew it might be something more serious and he actually told us to prepare for the possibility that it might be prostate cancer.

“When he was diagnosed we got the news that his cancer was quite advanced, I just couldn’t believe it, it felt like being repeatedly hit in the stomach, he’s always been so healthy.

“When I decided to do this challenge I sent it around the office and had a fantastic response, I was originally only looking to raise £1,000 but I’ve made £2,000 already. I’ve set a new target of £5,000, but I’m just winging it really. I also had colleagues talking to me about similar experiences they have had in their own families, it really helped to know I wasn’t alone in going through something like this.

“Dad started his chemotherapy the day after my first half marathon, the sessions take about the same amount of time as the run. Your health and that of your loved ones is the most important thing, running is just running, it’s nothing compared to having to go through chemotherapy.

“I’m trying to space the runs out over the year, I’m just hoping I don’t get injured.”

Rosie ran the Gloucester Half Marathon in January and took on the Leicestershire Half Marathon  at Prestwold Hall this month.

Later this year Rosie will run half marathons in Bath, Leamington Spa and Lichfield, as well heading to the USA for the ZombieRunner San Francisco in September.

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