Our lives are on hold say EU citizens


EU nationals are being let down by the Government’s new settled status scheme, which fails to protect citizens rights, according to campaigners in Stratford-upon-Avon.

With the UK rapidly heading towards Brexit, The Government has made it a requirement for all EU nationals living in the UK to apply for settled status.

With a high number of EU nationals employed in Stratford’s hospitality industry, the town is particularly affected by the requirement.

On Monday an EU Citizens Rights meeting was held at Elizabeth House aimed at providing information to those who will need to apply for settled status.

The event, which attracted a large audience, was organised jointly by the district council and a group called the3Million, a not-for-profit organisation that campaigns to preserve the rights of EU nationals post-Brexit.

  • wicked messenger

    No – ALL EU nationals do not have to apply for settled status. those already here with the right of unlimited stay in their passports, for instance. don’t fall for Project Fear propaganda!

  • wicked messenger

    So annoying that the Herald simply accepts what the Remainer propagandists say, and then will not correct its errors. It’s not true that ALL citizens of the EU have to apply for settled status – for instance, those who already have the right to unlimited entry to the UK by virtue of marriage to a UK citizen. There are other exemptions – but look them up for yourself!!