Consultation reveals public’s budget priorities

Stratford District Council leader, Cllr Tony Jefferson.

A consultation into this year’s district council budget has revealed that residents are very much in favour of increasing CCTV provision, but want less money spent on the local economy and tourism promotion.

The ruling Conservative group agreed its budget during Monday’s Cabinet meeting, though Full Council has yet to finally sign off on it.

Of the group’s new budget proposals, support for homelessness prevention tools was most popular, with 69 per cent naming this as their first choice, followed by support for the UBUS service and funding to facilitate the compulsory purchase of Wellesbourne Airfield.

Parts of the consultation make pleasing reading for the council, with 90 per cent of respondents believing the district council offers value for money.

63 per cent of respondents also agreed that it was important for the current level of service to be maintained, even if this meant increasing council tax by more than £5 per year.

Cllr Tony Jefferson, leader of Stratford-on-Avon District Council, said: “The results make interesting reading and support many of our initiatives. We are particularly pleased that 90% of residents think that we offer value for money.

“We are investing in a new and enhanced CCTV system and in addition are implementing a series of measures for homelessness prevention, UBUS and the potential for the Compulsory Purchase of Wellesbourne airfield have our full support.

“For a number of years we have faced continued financial pressures together with reducing funding allocations from central government and it’s good to see that residents understand and are aware of the cuts to public service funding and have an appreciation of the balancing act that councils have to do.”

The consultation exercise was based on 506 questionnaires returned from a mailing to 1,063 residents on the District Council’s Citizens’ Panel in January 2019, representing a response rate of 48.1%.


  • bran

    They still want to waste a shit ton of money of possibly buying an airfield? ffs how deluded are these tossers….

    • 1jamessmith1

      bran if it is maintained as an airfield, a top idea, my bro would not have got his private pilots license with out it. He is now an air traffic controller. All for a lad that went to Chipping campden school

      Improving the local road network would not go a miss, to reduce the near permanent gridlock, rather than turning the area into an Orwellian community. After all what do cameras do to discourage jippos and travellers?

      • JD Hogg

        They need to stop building new houses. People have to live somewhere else. Eff off, we’re full!

        I’m amazed that they feel the need to CPO the airfield. Just refuse planning for the housing. It’s the one comment from bran that has ever been close to sensible.

        • old_moaning

          You obviously have no idea how “Gladbag Developments”…. The Satanic company the Littler family are currently sipping with and sharing a bed with in order to get a pot of gold operate